here are the images of his first “public” Megacharger which recharges the batteries in a flash

Announced in December 2022 by Elon Musk for recharging his Semi, the Megacharger which delivers up to 1000 kW has been immortalized on the roads of California. The first “public” terminal!

While France is at the forefront of the deployment of the new V4 Superchargers, with no less than two of the four stations deployed in the world (at the time of writing these lines), on the California side, it is a whole another kind of charging station that has been surprised in recent days: the Tesla Megacharger.

As its name suggests, this terminal is much more powerful than a V4 Supercharger, which we know can offer a charging speed of up to 350 kW. And even much faster than some systems like that of Nio, supposed to offer 500 kW. But we are mainly talking here about charging power for individual cars.

The Tesla Megacharger was developed for him to recharge a truck: the famous Semi. We are talking about 1000 kW. Hence the prefix “mega”!

A mobile Megacharger for the Semi

As one can imagine, the size of the battery to move a car and that used to move a semi-trailer is not at all the same. Hence the much larger size of the installation, as well as the completely new connector that plugs into the Semi.

In reality, this is Tesla’s very first “public” Megacharger, installed, as opposed to other Megachargers no doubt already deployed to recharge the fleets of Semis already delivered to certain customers, but remained sheltered from the looks so far.

Baker, California Supercharger

Check out the Tesla Supercharger for the Semi Truck.

It’s massive, check out that tool!

It’s connected and ready to go!

Can’t wait to see the Tesla Semi Trucks on the 15 between Las Vegas and California. @SierraNV1967

—Climate Control (@RodneyaKent) July 25, 2023

It is here almost drowned in the heart of the impressive Baker charging station in California, between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and its hundred terminals. Moreover, this Megaloader is not yet in its final place, but is positioned on a mobile platform allowing it to be moved, perhaps according to the tests of the Semi, as we can very well see in this video of the YouTube channel Out of Spec Review.

Nevertheless, this discovery will have been an opportunity to take a look at the cable, apparently very thick, and at the charging socket, completely new and much larger than those we know for our cars. The risk of overheating is obviously the biggest problem with this technology.

1000 kW charging power, really?

The name “Megacharger” obviously refers to the megawatt, or 1000 kW. A phenomenal direct current charging power that Elon Musk announced last December, and which could even be higher if the Semi has a 900 kWh battery, as it is rumored. But for now, the Palo Alto firm is still very silent on this subject. And the photos of the terminal’s data sheet show a maximum power of 350 kW. This can probably be attributed to the fact that it is a mobile station.

Still, the boss of Tesla had also announced that his truck would be able to recover, thanks to this Megacharger still, no less than 400 miles (643 kilometers) in 30 minutes. During a test at the beginning of the year, the American journalists of Motortrend had been able to enter a Semi delivered to a subsidiary of PepsiCo and then spoke of a maximum recharge at 750 kW. The big unknown still remains the cost of recharging…

We are therefore waiting to learn more about the one which is undoubtedly the first of a long series and which should not only benefit the Semi, but also perhaps the long-awaited Cybertruck pick-up, which could be equipped with the same 1000 volt architecture. To confirm !

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