here are the 5 new AirDrop features that you may have forgotten

During the presentation of iOS 17 in early June, Apple unveiled several new features related to AirDrop. We take stock of the five expected improvements to the famous wireless sharing feature.

If iOS 17 in itself is not necessarily full of new features (despite some really useful additions), AirDrop benefited from many improvements unveiled during WWDC 2023. Expected with iOS 17 in October, these new features related to the wireless sharing between Apple devices may, for some, change our daily lives.

So we take stock of the 5 AirDrop improvements that are really worth the detour… and that we are eagerly awaiting this fall.


Let’s start with NameDrop, which has the merit of being aptly named. This novelty, which was shown during WWDC, will make it very easy to exchange your number with someone you have just met. The concept is simple: approach your two iPhones so that they can exchange your respective coordinates.

Source: Apple

This function, which could quickly kill the good old business card, has the effect of displaying the new “Contact Poster” interface (a photo of you that can be personalized like the lock screen on iOS 16).

You will then be able to select which number you want to share (practical if you have a personal and professional number on one and the same iPhone) and possibly which email address you want to transfer. AirDrop then takes care of the rest.

The new ” gesture » sharing between iPhone

Sharing various content with AirDrop will also benefit from this “gestureof approaching two iPhones to each other. This new way of activating AirDrop will work for photos or even files, and will simply involve bringing your iPhone closer to the target iPhone so that they can communicate and proceed with the sharing.

The advantage of this novelty is that you no longer need to go through the AirDrop sharing interface in order to manually select the person to whom you want to send documents. Practical and effective… at least on paper.

Continuous AirDrop sharing over the internet

Another particularly useful addition for AirDrop: continuous sharing via the Internet. In short, AirDrop shares currently have the unfortunate characteristic of being interrupted when the two devices used for the exchange are no longer close to each other.

With Internet sharing enabled with iOS 17, AirDrop transfer interruptions (really a pain when sending large files) should be a thing of the past. In the event that the two devices used for the transfer are no longer within range, the transfer will then continue via the internet, in complete safety and with optimal quality. Only condition: both devices must be connected to iCloud.

SharePlay via AirDrop

Through SharePlay via AirDrop, Apple seeks this time to simplify the launch of joint activities. By bringing two iPhones close to each other, it will indeed be possible to start a music listening session for two very simply… or to watch a film with a loved one, but each on your device.

Apple has also specified that it provides developers with a new SharePlay API to allow them to launch third-party applications using this new AirDrop function.

Blurring of explicit images during sharing

For a few years now, AirDrop file sharing has been subject to prior permission from the recipient. However, this sharing request has the disadvantage of displaying a preview of the file sent on the screen of the target device. It is certainly possible to accept to receive it or to refuse it, but this preview can be misused by malicious people.

To avoid confronting users with an unsolicited explicit preview, for example, Apple is introducing a new feature with iOS 17 which consists of automatically blurring previews that may contain sensitive content, such as nudity. The content in question will then be blocked, but can be viewed by pressing a “View” button.

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