Here are the 3 manufacturers that sell the most electric cars in the world

If Tesla has remained at the top of electric car sales since the beginning of 2023, the Chinese giant BYD also increased its figures during the 2nd quarter of 2023. However, the firm of Elon Musk still has a good length of ahead, while Volkswagen is still lagging behind.

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With a market share of over 15% in Europe, electric has exceeded diesel sales for the first time. A performance already achieved in France for several months, which proves that this engine has more and more the wind in its sails. And this should continue, while thermal cars will be banned from 2035 on the Old Continent anyway.

Tesla still in the lead, but watch out

Moreover, the offer becomes more and more dense, while the majority of manufacturers offer at least one electric model in their catalog. Not to mention the falling prices at many brands like Ford or Nissan, a trend that we owe in particular to Tesla. The firm has indeed made a significant drop in prices at the beginning of the year on its Model 3 and Model Y. And this strategy has paid off for the brand.

The latter has just unveiled its figures for the 2nd quarter of 2023 on its site, and they are very encouraging. Indeed, the manufacturer delivered no less than 466,140 cars worldwide, for 479,700 produced. This is better than in the first quarter, when 422,875 copies were given to customers. This should allow Tesla to beat its previous record of one million deliveries in 2022. A performance that we owe in particular to the success of the Model Y, which remains the best-selling electric car in Europe.

BYD, eternal number 2

Tesla remains number 1 in electrics in the world, with no less than 889,015 cars sold since the start of the year. But Elon Musk’s company has an interest in not resting on its laurels. Because BYD sticks to it, ready to overtake it at the slightest opportunity. And it could be soon, as the Chinese giant significantly increased its sales in the 2nd quarter. The latter has in fact totaled 354,163 registrationscompared to 264,647 in the first quarter as indicated in a press release.

Above all, if we compare with the figures for 2022, the progression is out of the ordinary. BYD sold 180,296 cars in the second quarter of 2022.

BYD Dolphin

In total, no less than 616,810 units have been sold by the Asian manufacturer since the start of the year. That’s a difference of more than 270,000 cars with Tesla, which is still high enough not to worry the American brand too much. It should be noted that Tesla’s deliveries are irregular because they depend on boats, and that it will therefore be necessary to monitor the progress of the two brands over the longer term. The American brand, however, produces more and more cars in Europe.

BYD, however, is starting to develop well in Europe, with its Atto 3, Han EV and other Tangs, while it begins its offensive with its Dolphin, which we recently tested. The manufacturer should further increase in power, thanks to the launch of the Seal, which will hunt on the lands of the Model 3.

Volkswagen a little behind

In 3rd place in the ranking, we again find Volkswagen, which sold 217,100 cars in the 2nd quarter around the world as the official press release indicates. A figure in clear progression compared to the first part of the year, where only 141,000 sales had been recorded. An increase that we owe in particular to the success of the ID.4 and ID.5, which have sold 101,200 units since the beginning of the year. The ID.3 also seduces, with 49,800 units sold. But be careful all the same, because sales seem to be running out of steam, so much so that the boss of Volkswagen is sounding the alarm on the sustainability of the company.

Volkswagen ID.  Buzz

We also note that the Audi Q4 e-tron and Skoda Enyaq met with great success, with 48,000 and 31,300 registrations respectively. Finally, the Audi Q8 e-tron, which we drove, sold 19,500 copies. Europe remains a key market for the German group, since 68% of its electric cars have been sold there. In the USA, however, registrations have increased by 76%, while they fell by 2% in China. There, the giant BYD passed Volkswagen, which had been the king of the car for 15 years.

Top 3 electric car manufacturers in 2023

BYD You’re here volkswagen
First quarter 2023 264,647 422,875 141,000
Second quarter 2023 354 163 466 140 217 100
Cumulative 2023 616 810 889 015 321,600

Top 3 electric car manufacturers in 2022

Sales You’re here BYD volkswagen Wuling Motors
First quarter 2022 305 407 143 223 99 100 CN
Second quarter 2022 254,695 180 296 118,000 CN
Third quarter 2022 343,000 258,618 149,300 CN
Fourth quarter 2022 405,000 329,000 205,800 CN
Total 2022 1,308,102 911 137 572 100 550,000 to 622,000

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