Piekło zamarzło. Apple traci, a Linux zyskuje na popularności

Hell has frozen over. Apple is losing and Linux is gaining popularity

Will this finally be the year of Linux? Well, there’s still a long way to go. However, the operating system associated with Penguin is as popular on PC as ever.

Most computers in the world run on an operating system Microsoft. Windows gained the position of market leader many years ago and has no intention of giving it up. So far, the Americans have effectively strengthened their position, for example with free software for schools.

It took Linux 30 years to gain 4% of the PC share

However, the latest data from StatCounter indicates that Linux is doing better and better. Interestingly, “Penguin” does not threaten “Windows” but… the operating system Applei.e. family macOS.

Data for February 2024 indicate that 72.2% of computer users use Windows15.4% of people use macOS, 4% use Linux, and 2.3% use Chrome OS. In the case of Microsoft and Apple solutions, there is a slight downward trend. The position of Penguin and Google is strengthening.

Hell has frozen over.  Apple is losing and Linux is gaining popularity

What are the causes of these market changes? It’s hard to say, but you can guess. The crisis is affecting most countries around the world, and consumers are reaching for cheaper and/or free solutions. What’s more Windows 11 cuts off owners of older machines, imposing stringent hardware requirements. They can be bypassed, but most users do not want and/or are unable to do so.

Projects such as Steam Deck also have their say. Valve has proven that Linux is also suitable for playing the latest games. And this was the main barrier for most gamers building a new PC. However, it is still per mille, because according to Steam data is used by 96.6% of Windows users.

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