Płacił Blikiem, a Polaków i tak okradał. Sprawdź, czy i ciebie nie naciął

He paid with Blik, but he still robbed Poles. Check if he didn't cut you too

Although most scams on sales platforms are associated with dishonest sellers and suspiciously attractive prices, he came up with a completely different idea.

He bought and paid on the spot and figured it out later

The Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław detained a man temporarily staying in Poland, suspected of a number of frauds on various sales platforms. The suspicious Russian acted unusually because instead of pretending to be a seller, he took on the role of a buyer.

The man allegedly bought various types of electronic equipment and paid for them with Blik. It therefore included all privileges related to buyer protection programs. When the parcel arrived, the man reported that he had been deceived and did not receive the goods. He confirmed the alleged frauds with forged police certificates from a nearby unit.

He had the goods… and the money

In this way, the man repeatedly extorted money from sellers via sales platforms, while keeping the equipment that came to him. Instead of reaching the sellers, his payments were returned to the criminal's account. And the entire elaborate forgery plan was based on the clever preparation of the stamp of one of the Wrocław police stations.

A happy ending to the investigation

The fraudster who is now threatened up to 8 years imprisonment, was captured last Friday and a total of 7 charges were brought against him. However, the police statement does not fully indicate what the man's fate will be. It turned out that he was staying in Poland illegally and instead of going to court, the fraudster has already been handed over to the Border Guard for expulsion from the country.

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