Wysadzał bankomaty w Niemczech. Wrócił do Polski i zrobił to samo

He blew up ATMs in Germany. He returned to Poland and did the same

The police finally arrested the perpetrators of the famous ATM attack in Greater Poland on October 11, 2023. One of them is already well known to the services, although he did not start his career in Poland.

Let us recall that on October 11 last year, the case of a group of unknown perpetrators who blew up a PKO BP ATM on the market square in Sieraków (Greater Poland Voivodeship) received wide publicity. Although the cash was not stolen, both the device itself and the façade of the adjacent building were significantly damaged.

The person conducting the investigation at the Police Headquarters in Poznań avoided providing details for a long time, but not without reason. As it turns out, investigative activities were ongoing all the time, and their result is: arrest of two men, aged 40 and 41. Interestingly, they do not come from the region and, according to the presented findings, they did not come to the scene of the incident they came from the Lubusz Voivodeshiphowever, they were not able to erase the traces – the message emphasized.

They blew up ATMs using gas cylinders

He was to betray the attackers Renault Laguna passenger car. First registered near the Sieraków market square, and later, more specifically in December, found in the province. Lubuskie. This vehicle was immediately secured for a more thorough inspection.

He blew up ATMs in Germany.  He returned to Poland and did the same

Shortly afterwards, on January 17, the officers arrested both men driving the car in question, and further evidence against them was found during a search of the place of residence. It was, among others, 400 thousand PLN in cash, gas cylinders with a reducer and mobile phones. By the way, it came to light that the same perpetrators were responsible for breaking into an ATM in Ząbkowice Śląskie in July 2023.

The men were charged with breaking into an ATM, but the police, according to the information provided, believe that they committed similar acts regularly. Especially that one of them had already been convicted of this type of crime by a court in Germany in the past. Let us add that he served 3 years abroad. In the country, temporarily, by court decision, the perpetrators were arrested for a period of 3 months and are awaiting trial.

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