HBO Max odchodzi, a nadchodzi Max. Polska premiera już 11 czerwca

HBO Max is leaving and Max is coming. The Polish premiere will take place on June 11

In just over a month, on June 11, 2024, the Max platform will debut in Poland, replacing the currently available HBO Max service. In one place you will be able to find content from brands such as HBO, DC and Warner Bros., coverage of the most important sporting events, including the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, as well as a wide range of local productions and the best entertainment from TVN.

Poland is the next country where it will debut platform Max, which is a rebranding and expansion of the HBO Max service. The library of the new website, which will debut in our country now June 11, 2024it's supposed to be more than twice as large than the one previously known from HBO Max.

It's official – we are starting the countdown to the launch of Max, which will debut on the Polish market on June 11, i.e. in just over a month. With every moment we are getting closer to the big premiere. Each element of the platform, from the rich content offer to the innovative website design and unique recommendation systems, has been carefully refined with the needs and expectations of users in mind. We can't wait for them to see and experience what we have prepared for them.

– said Maciej Gozdowski, Group Vice President – ​​Streaming at Warner Bros. Discovery in Poland

Max will provide content from various media service providers, including a catalog of completely new and quality productions Max Originala wide selection of iconic titles HBOas well as an extensive library TVN. The new platform's wide programming offer will include series, films available shortly after their cinema premieres, documentaries and cult entertainment programs, international sporting events, news and live channels.

The strength of the Max service will also be local content. Work is currently underway over 15 productions, which are scheduled to be shown on the Max platform within the next two years. In August, Max users will be able to watch the second season of the well-received show in Poland and Europe “Thaw”. We will once again see Katarzyna Wajda in the main role.

Max is also a place for fans of fascinating and often controversial documentary productions. Polish Max Original documentaries will debut on the website later this year – “King of Zanzibar”, “Skin Hunters” Whether “Hope” Martyna Wojciechowska. The first one tells the story of Wojciech Żabiński, the founder of the Pili Pili hotel chain in Zanzibar, who defrauded over 250 people of a total amount of PLN 7 million. The victims of this fraud included not only investors and employees, but also celebrities.

The documentary “Skin Hunters” returns to the shocking events that took place in Łódź in the mid-1990s. Emergency workers caused the death of over a thousand patients. The creators of the series reveal the behind-the-scenes of the crime, talk to the participants of the events and the families of the victims to present the mechanisms that allowed the perpetrators to avoid justice for a long time.

“Hope” is the first documentary film by Martyna Wojciechowska, which will be shown on Max. The production tells the story of the shocking practice of accusing innocent Nigerian children of witchcraft.

On the day of the premiere of the Max website in Poland, it will be available there over 1,500 hours of content for children. Within a year, the platform will expand this library by another 100 hours of content. On the Max website, children and parents will be able to find many well-known productions, popular cartoons and content with characters loved around the world. These will include “Tom and Jerry”, the “Looney Tunes”, “Batwheels” and “Scooby Doo” series, but also productions from outside the Warner Bros. world. Discovery, such as “Peppa Pig” or “Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu”.

Max in Poland release date

Three Packages Max

They will be available in Poland as part of the Max platform three packages: : Basic, Standard and Premium. Users will have the option to redeem monthly or annual subscription. Additionally, Max will provide access to a rich library of TV channels, including the most popular general interest, news, factual, lifestyle, sports, children's and film stations.

Previous reports indicate that the individual packages will include:

  • Basic package: FullHD quality, available on two devices at the same time, lower price will result in a limited number of advertisements,
  • Standard Package: FullHD quality, no ads, on two devices at the same time, ability to download up to 30 offline titles,
  • Premium Package: FullHD or 4K quality, no ads, Dolby Atmos sound in selected titles, available on four devices at the same time, ability to download up to 100 titles.

All platform users will gain access to TVN channel. Stations HBO, HBO 2 and HBO 3 will be part of the Standard and Premium packages. By purchasing an additional package “TV and Sports Channels”users can access another 25 channels: TVN24, TVN24 BiS, CNN, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, TVN 7, TTV, METRO, TVN Style, TVN Turbo, TVN Fabuła, Warner TV, HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, ID , TLC, Discovery Channel, Discovery Historia, Discovery Life, Discovery Science and DTX.

What about existing HBO Max subscribers?

Existing HBO Max users will have access to the Max platform while retaining their previous profiles, viewing history and titles in the “continue watching” and “my list” sections. HBO Max users are to receive detailed information about access to the Max service in direct correspondence to the e-mail addresses they use when logging in to the platform or through subscription providers. The message that landed in my private e-mail box from HBO Max included the following entries:

1. Your package, price including “33% off forever” discount, functionalities and billing dates will be automatically transferred to Max.
2. Once you launch the HBO Max app, you will be asked to download the Max app. If you are using, we will automatically redirect you to
3. Your Max billing and login information will be the same as HBO Max – we'll take care of everything for you.
4. Your profiles, watch history and titles saved in “My List” will also be transferred to Max – and you can just go back to watching!

So far, there is no official information about which of the new packages existing users will be assigned to. However, we will find out no later than June 11, i.e. in just over a month.

The launch of the Max website in Poland is to be the largest event in the media and entertainment industry in 2024 in our country. It is also the largest global product launch in Warner Bros. history. Discovery. Once the platform launch process in Europe is complete, Max will be available in 25 countries in the region. The global reach of the Max service will cover a total of 65 countries and territories.

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