Have you received such a message on Facebook?  Be sure to ignore her

Have you received such a message on Facebook? Be sure to ignore her

Facebook is a real paradise for cyber fraudsters. The platform gives them many tools to steal data and money.

Fake competitions on Facebook This is currently a hot but also difficult topic. Unfortunately, many people are scammed due to the platform’s insufficient security measures. Therefore, when scrolling Facebook, it is worth being careful and not being fooled by the vision of cheap equipment for only a few zlotys. However, what if the scammer contacts us directly?

Message from a friend? This may be a scam

Sometimes it may happen that you receive a message from a close or distant friend, who asks you for money or help to win a competition. Of course, he sends the link, and by clicking on it, we are redirected to a fake Facebook login site. If we are careless enough to enter our data there, our account may be taken over by a hacker. This is how criminals steal new accounts, which are further used for similar frauds.

Pay attention to details. Has a friend contacted you recently? If so, can you confirm via contact other than Messenger that you are taking part in such a competition? After reaching the fake login page, our attention should be drawn to the website address. Scammers often use phrases to convince us that we are on the right website. Anything to lower our vigilance. However, if it is not facebook.com, leave the site immediately and do not provide any data.

– explains Karolina Kmak, cybersecurity specialist.

In the case of suspicious messages, it is best to confirm them with the source through another communication channel. Did a friend write that he needed money? Call to confirm before transferring anything. However, if you followed the link sent and provided your login details, change your password as soon as possible. If you lose access to your account, please use the account recovery form as soon as possible.

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