Kupiłeś dysk SSD? No to się ciesz, bo będzie tylko gorzej

Have you purchased an SSD drive? Well, be happy, because it will only get worse

Have you recently purchased an SSD drive? You are one of the lucky ones who got lower prices. It will only get worse in the coming months.

Over the last year, the prices of SSD drives have dropped dramatically. Storage media were extremely cheap and you were tempted to buy one, even if you didn’t need it. If you did so, you have reasons to be satisfied. Prices have been going up significantly for some time now and it will only get worse.

Samsung limits the production of SSD drives

The record low prices of SSD drives were caused, among other things, by low demand and large inventories in warehouses. Manufacturers were forced to discount their equipment to get rid of the stockpile of equipment. However, that is now a thing of the past. Prices have been rising again for several months and will continue to rise. Partly due to the actions of the manufacturers themselves, including Samsung.

Samsung, which is one of the largest producers of NAND memory in the world, intends to reduce production by as much as 50 percent in the near future. In this way, the Koreans want to, on the one hand, get rid of the drives that have not been sold so far, and on the other hand, increase their price. This is to be a short-term measure and production is to start in full swing again after some time, but another price drop is unlikely to be expected.

What’s worse, reports indicate that Samsung’s rivals (e.g. SK Hynix) are to follow in the footsteps of the Korean company. In addition, manufacturers are to focus more on new products with higher margins, including HBM3 memory. TrendForce has previously predicted that SSD prices will increase by up to 50% in 2024. Now this scenario is coming true.

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