Włamanie do systemów NFZ. Wykryto niepokojącą aktywność

Hacking into National Health Fund systems? Disturbing activity detected

The National Health Fund has detected disturbing activity in its IT systems. The services were informed about this fact.

The National Health Fund informed about the detection of disturbing activities in its IT systems. These are inquiries to the eWUŚ database, which is used to confirm a patient's right to health care services financed from public funds.

Hacking into the National Health Fund?

According to the National Health Fund, disturbing activity was noticed in the system of two medical entities and was related to queries to the eWUŚ database. Therefore, they did not concern sensitive medical data. Despite this, the Fund considered the matter to be serious and took appropriate steps.

First of all, the services responsible for cybersecurity were informed about the whole matter. In addition, a report was submitted to the prosecutor's office about the possibility of committing a crime. Two medical entities whose suspicious activity was detected were also blocked from accessing the eWUŚ database. Computer equipment was also seized.

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