Hakerzy sparaliżowali produkcję piwa. "To narodowa katastrofa"

Hackers paralyzed beer production. “It’s a national disaster”

Cybercriminals attacked the Belgian Duvel brewery. Beer production was paralyzed.

Any company can fall victim to a cyber attack, although in some cases the effects on the environment may be more noticeable than usual. The attack on the Belgian brewery falls into this category Duvelwhich paralyzed beer production.

Duvel Brewery victim of ransomware attack

The attack was to take place at night March 6, 2024. Under attack ransomware the brewery’s IT systems were blocked, which in turn forced suspension of beer production. It is not yet known how long it will take to remove the effects of the incident, but the manufacturer reassures that thanks to large stocks, the entire situation will negatively affect the availability of the golden drink.

Internet users were supposed to react to the whole situation with a lot of humor. As reported by the website BleepingComputerthe comments included jokes that we were dealing with a national disaster and that the Belgian authorities should activate their strategic reserves on this occasion.

However, it should be remembered that although in this case we are dealing with a relatively harmless situation, it illustrates well threats posed by ransomware. If a similar attack had been aimed at, for example, a hospital or a power plant, there would have been much, much less reason to laugh.

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