GTA 6 will be more realistic than ever with this new technology

A patent filed by publisher Take-Two Interactive details a brand new dynamic animation system which promises to be ultra-realistic.

To say that GTA 6 is the most anticipated game of this generation would not be overstated. While GTA V is still a huge source of revenue for Rockstar and its publisher Take Two, the next game in the series intends to reset the counters for the entire industry.

If its development was marred by a sad case of hacking (which was carried out on an Amazon Fire Stick, as a reminder), it seems to be on the right track. According to a patent filed in April 2023, the game should offer a brand new character animation system well above its predecessor.

GTA 6 should offer ultra-realistic animations

A Reddit user named Tobbelobben30 recently looked into the game’s recent leaks, until coming across a patent filed by Take-Two Interactive in April titled “System and Method for Locomotion of Virtual Characters.” This details a brand new methodology for creating character movements and animations in a game.

According to this system, instead of creating complete animations for each situation, these are created from “blocks” of movement which, when assembled together, generate unique animations. These components act as criteria that define the final result, as a simple position, but also a context (meteorological, spatial, but also psychological).

Concretely, it is possible for artists to create realistic animations by assembling blocks. According to Tobbelobben30 “you will see the characters move according to time, their energy level and their injuries“.

NPCs (non-player characters) could thus move in space in a more realistic way, much more aware of the environment around them. And if this system is coupled with an equally realistic AI, the immersion in the world would be even deeper.

Without a doubt, this system is a continuation of what the studio already offered with Red Dead Redemption 2, whose character animations still remain a reference in the field. Add to that the major technical developments expected for its graphics and physics engine, we can’t wait to see what this “next-gen” GTA will produce if this new system is used.

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