Świetna elektronika za grosze. Tak tanio jeszcze nie było

Great electronics for pennies. You can buy it for PLN 165

There is a real treat for retro fans. The popular portable game console is available at a historically low price.

Although there is currently no shortage of good and long games on the market, such as: Baldur's Gate 3, many of us have our favorite titles from years ago. And thanks to technological progress, it is possible to enjoy them not only on PC. All thanks to the increasingly popular ones portable consoles.

>> Buy now Anbernic RG35XX for PLN 165 <<

Anbernic RG35XX for only PLN 165

One of the most popular solutions aimed at fans of retro games is Anbernic RG35XX. It enables emulation of platforms such as Sony PlayStation 1, Sega MegaDrive and Master System, Super Nintendo, NES and finally all Game Boys. You can read more in our review.

We get it here colorful, backlit 3.5-inch IPS screen and resolution 640×480 pi copy lilots of classic buttons, USB Type C and Mini HDMI connectors, built-in battery 2600 mAh allowing for several hours of gaming and a memory card reader.

Great electronics for pennies.  It has never been so cheap

Interested? That's great. Anbernic RG35XX is currently on sale at AliExpress. The console comes with a 64 GB memory card and protective foil you can buy now for only PLN 165. Just go HERE. However, you have to hurry with your purchases because the promotion will only last until midnight on March 27, 2024.

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