Google ocali twój komputer przed wyrzuceniem na śmietnik

Google will save your computer from being thrown into the trash

Don’t throw it away, install ChromeOS Flex – says Google. With support for Windows 10 ending, this is a reasonable, if far from perfect, alternative.

As we know, in October 2025, Microsoft intends to abandon Windows 10 and, consequently, users whose computers are not eligible to install the newer Win 11. And, contrary to appearances, this is not a marginal problem, because according to the statistics of such devices there may be up to 240 million.

But here comes Google all in white and, as it claims, it has a ready-made solution. He is ChromeOS Flex, a variant of ChromeOS designed for installation on older machinesnominally sold with Windows or macOS.

With hundreds of millions of Windows 10 devices about to lose support because they are ineligible for the latest version of Windows, finding a way to keep these devices secure and durable should be a top priority (…) With ChromeOS Flex, businesses can equip with new and automatically updating operating system your current fleet of devices

– Google argues in a post on its blog.

Let’s be honest, ChromeOS Flex is not perfect and even compared to its brethren it is not very spectacular. It does not support, among others: Android apps from the Play Store or Windows virtual machines. For people in the Microsoft ecosystem, the latter factor may be particularly decisive, although using a light and secure system on typical office machines sounds sensible.

Even though ChromeOS Flex also has problems with supporting many interfaces typical of computers from years ago, such as cellular modems, optical drives or FireWire. In fact, it doesn’t even support biometric readers and styluses.

So the list of compromises is really long and, to be honest, it’s probably quite effective in making you think about another alternative, namely one of the Linux distributions. Nevertheless, if someone were to decide between disposing of a computer and ChromeOS Flex, the choice seems obvious. And maybe the Google system will finally regain some users after the recent declines.

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