Google odpicuje Twój telewizor i to za darmo

Google will pimp your TV for free

Do you have a TV or set-top box with Google TV? They should soon receive an update that will change the appearance of the main screen.

Google TV is one of the most popular operating systems for TVs and the so-called appetizers. It’s more or less the same as Android TV used to be, only in a slightly newer version. If you have a device with this software, be prepared for an update that will slightly change the appearance of individual elements.

Google TV update

Google itself announced the update. The new version is to be made available to all users in the coming months, so some may have to wait a little longer for it. The new version of the software does not introduce any major changes. There will be no new features. The most important thing is to refresh the main screen, which should be not only more modern, but also easier to use.

Google TV update

First, the app icons will change. Instead of rectangular, they will be round and slightly smaller. This allows you to fit more of them, which means less scrolling when the list is long. Secondly, the “applications” tab will change. At the very end, two new icons will appear: add application and change order. Their name speaks for itself, as they will allow you to better organize your application list. Previously it was possible, but a bit more annoying.

The latest change concerns the addition of an icon for free TV channels. Previously, the list was located in the “live” tab and it was not entirely transparent to users. The update is already available on Google TV devices, but – as I have already mentioned – the full process may take up to several months.

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