Google zapłaci mediom, żeby psuły internet

Google pays the media to spoil the Internet

Google pays news portals to publish articles written using artificial intelligence. This is one of the first steps to develop new tools for the media.

Solutions based on the so-called “generative artificial intelligence” have become the absolute hit of 2023 and have the potential to revolutionize many industries. One of them is the media, where content prepared at least partially with the participation of AI is increasingly published.

Even tens of thousands of dollars for cooperation

As you can easily guess, technology giants strongly support this turn of events. So much so that Google decided not only to provide tools, but also pay websites for publishing content prepared using artificial intelligence.

As reported by the website Adweekthe Mountain View giant was to pay selected websites even tens of thousands of dollars a year. In return, the portals covered by the program were to publish a certain number of content prepared using the provided AI-based tools.

What is worth noting is that in this particular case we are not talking about a solution that would help create articles, as e.g. ChatGPT. Instead, it is intended to serve exclusively collecting content from sources provided by the publisher and creating summaries based on them. In theory, this is supposed to facilitate the process of research and verification of information in small editorial offices with limited staff resources.

Is Google ruining the Internet?

However, as some commentators note, despite the undoubted advantages, the popularization of this type of tools also has negative consequences. Above all favors the creation of reproductive content based on materials published by larger publications.

It also seems important to ask whether to what extent Google’s solution interferes with the source materials. At this point, the giant from Mountain View already has a great influence on the shape of online journalism, promoting specific content, including: within its search engine and the Google News platform. Implementing your tools at the content creation stage potentially gives the company even more control over what information reaches readers. The dangers of this approach seem obvious.

One thing is certain: artificial intelligence is redefining the role of online journalism. On the one hand, it facilitates access to information, and on the other, it gives more and more control over its flow to technology giants. As you can see, Google is very happy with this turn of events and is ready to invest a lot to maintain its dominant position.

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