Google Meet przetłumaczy rozmowę na język polski

Google Meet translates conversations into Polish

Google Meet has just announced real-time automatic captions for video meetings and translations into a total of 87 languages. Including Polish.

New Google Meet languages ​​and features

Google Meet announced support for subtitle translation 52 new languages ​​and 11 new closed captioning languages, available exclusively to Workspace customers. The new functionality aims to increase the value and attractiveness of the service in the competitive video communications market, where it competes with giants such as Zoom and Skype.

Gemini for Workspace customers will receive full language support for subtitle translation. The company noted that this support will also include some previously introduced languages, bringing the total support to 69 languages. Meeting participants who do not have a Google Workspace account will still be able to use it live subtitle translation, provided the event is organized by someone with the appropriate account.

Translated subtitles now fully support 69 languages, making it possible Translation between over 4,600 language pairs.

Changes are coming

As previously announced, translated captions in Google Meet will only be available to Gemini for Google Workspace customers. This change will come into force from January 22, 2025, at which point existing and new customers will no longer have access to translated subtitles as part of their Google Workspace subscription. From this date, translated subtitles will only be available in the following Gemini add-ons: Gemini Enterprise, AI Meetings and Messaging, and Gemini Education Premium.

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