Google has a plan to show how powerful its Chromebooks can be

Google would like to further differentiate entry-level Chromebooks from more mid-range and high-end models. For this, the ChromeOS publisher would use a name: Chromebook X.

Chromebooks are often seen as underpowered laptops and that doesn’t sit well with Google, which wants to show off the performance of its operating system, ChromeOS. For this, the publisher would change the brand of the most powerful models, which would be Chromebook X, if we are to believe the revelations of 9to5Google.

Let’s be clear: it is not for Google to manufacture computers, it is only the nomenclature of Chromebooks that would change and would be divided into two categories: Chromebooks and Chromebook X.

Google wants more consistency in Chromebook lineups

Today, there are no Chromebook lines to speak of. Until a few weeks ago, Google differentiated between ” Chromebook More ” and the ” Chromebook Premium “, but it is no longer relevant. The first category designated computers offering fluidity and storage space, while the second designated those dedicated to multitasking and demanding applications.

Unless you know the components of a computer, such as its processor or its amount of RAM, it is difficult to realize the power of a model. There is of course the price which gives an obvious clue, but it is not always the most explicit.

However, this is crucial information: the performance that a reference can deliver determines whether the latter is compatible with certain applications, in particular video editing and graphics. For example, Steam is available on ChromeOS, but not on all models.

Chromebook X: the name to move ChromeOS upmarket

Chromebook X branding would appear on laptops and touchpads released with ChromeOS. There could be a simple ” X » next to the logo that we usually know. On top of that, ChromeOS might bring a special splash screen. A brand that would appear on future models from the end of the year with a first wave of models from several manufacturers. We can also expect announcements at CES 2024 in Las Vegas in early January.

To differentiate a Chromebook “ classic “from a Chromebook” X “Google would require” a certain amount of RAM, a good quality camera for video conferencing and a (probably) more high-end screen “, writing 9to5Google. On the processor side, you would need either an Intel chip or an AMD chip: An AMD Zen 2+ Skyrim, an ADM Zen 3 Guybrush, or the Intel Core 12ᵉ generation Brya and Nissa. Thus, some models already released could be considered Chromebook X, provided that they can use ChromeOS version 115 or higher: a version already available in beta and which should be launched next month.

Exclusive features for the most powerful Chromebooks

But all this is so far only a question of brand, and nothing concrete would differentiate the two ranges. That’s why Google would consider preparing exclusive features on ChromeOS for computers named Chromebook X. 9to5Google reveals that Google would bring a “ Live Caption (an addition of captions generated during video calls), a built-in portrait blur effect and “voice isolation”. »

Exclusive wallpapers could also be included. These would be dedicated to battery saving and called ” Time Of Day “. They would be able to change their appearance during the day. Users of these computers would be able to manage up to 16 virtual desktops or even pin files from Google Drive to view them offline.

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