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Google Chrome will protect your network from hackers

The Google Chrome browser is intended to be more than just a work tool. It will also provide protection against hacker attacks.

Google Chrome will prevent hacker attacks on your network, and in particular it will block attempts by unauthorized persons to take control of the network.

Google Chrome will block hackers

Google Browser will check the source of incoming connections while surfing the Internet. This is to prevent unauthorized access to devices operating in the home or company network. At first, users will only receive warnings, but it cannot be ruled out that Chrome will block these connections in the future. After all, it is the programs that connect to the Internet – such as your browser – that provide the entry point to the network.

This is what convinced Google to implement additional security measures in Google Chrome. The goal is to thwart attempts to take control of a computer, from where cybercriminals could try to access other devices. This should prevent infection of vulnerable IoT devices and company computers that store important data.

In practice, this mechanism will check the origin of connections from a website before allowing it to access devices on the network. Chrome will ensure that the connection is coming from an appropriate, secure source and that the target device allows such connections.

In theory, such security could be completely maintenance-free and invisible to users. However, there is always a margin of uncertainty. Google is aware that verification is not 100% effective. Therefore, during the initial phase of security implementation, users will only receive notifications in the browser’s developer tools. This is a form of testing the effectiveness of connection verification. The temporary solution will also give developers time to prepare the sites to function properly.

Blocking connections to devices on the network will be implemented in the near future. Maintenance-free protection will probably be one of the options to choose from.

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