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Tesla is trying to get rid of its Model 3 stocks in France. And to achieve this, the American firm uses an unusual tactic for it: a drastic drop in the price of the car… but only in LOA. We will explain everything to you.

The Tesla Model 3 are electric cars with excellent value for money. But they are now in the shadow of the Tesla Model Y, which are selling like hotcakes all over the world. To successfully get rid of its Model 3 stock, the American manufacturer is offering a temporary and quite unusual discount.

299 euros per month for a Tesla Model 3

Good plan Refill

Benefit from a 10% discount on the cost of your top-ups, directly deducted from your next bills.

Some Tesla customers have indeed received an email offering them an offer that is interesting to say the least. For 299 euros per month, it is possible to obtain a Tesla Model 3 Propulsion, with its 510 km of autonomy on the WLTP mixed cycle. It is of course a LOA (rental with option to buy), but it is usually necessary to pay 366 euros per month for this model.

If we read the small lines, we realize several things. The first is that this offer is limited in time, for a car ordered between July 14 and August 7, for delivery until August 15. Beyond that, your order could be cancelled.

The second important information is that Tesla offers a rate of 2.99% (remember that the LOA is similar to a consumer credit). This is a particularly low rate, especially with the current economic situation. By way of comparison, the usual rate for this same electric car in LOA exceeds 5%. One of our readers, who contracted a LOA in September 2020 for 48 months, tells us a rate of 4%. This proves that the rate of 2.99% over 60 months is truly exceptional.

A discount of 4,578 euros

And it is precisely this rate that drastically reduces the cost of the operation. Thus, at the end of 60 months, the financing of the LOA will have “only” cost 4,024 euros more compared to a cash purchase. This is a saving of 3,318 euros compared to new cars ordered on LOA. Thus, in case of purchase at the end of 60 months, the car would cost you 39,753 euros, compared to 44,331 euros on a new car to order. A difference (and therefore a reduction) of 4,578 euros which is explained by the lower cost of the LOA on vehicles in stock, but also by an additional discount granted by the manufacturer.

Indeed, Tesla offers a price reduction on electric cars in stock, the amount of which varies according to the price of the car. In our example, for a Tesla Model 3 Propulsion without a stock option, it takes 1,260 euros reduction. Whether purchased in cash, on credit or on LOA.

But if you wish to place an order for this same car by paying cash, you would get away with a bill of 40,730 euros before application of the ecological bonus, i.e. 35,730 euros taking it into account. Which is always more interesting. But, if you do not have the cash, you will have to go through a loan, with the objective of finding a rate lower than the 2.99% requested by Tesla over 60 months.

A good deal, really?

Be careful however, this new reduction is not necessarily trivial. Remember that the new restyled Tesla Model 3 should arrive in the coming weeks or months. We do not know much about the latter, or even if its price will increase… or decrease.

In short, as usual with Tesla: if you need a car, buy it, if you have time, wait a bit for the arrival of this future restyled version… at the risk of having to pay more for it. Even much more expensive if it loses access to the ecological bonus because of its production in China.

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