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Go to Lidl on Saturday. Thermomix's competitor returns with a great price

Thermomix's competitor returns to Lidl, i.e. the Monsieur Cuisine Smart (MC Smart) kitchen thermorobot. The device will be available for purchase this weekend at a very attractive price.

The Polish lifestyle includes our native cuisine and love for food. We generally love spending time in the kitchen, where we create delicious dishes for ourselves and our loved ones. However, we do not always have the time and strength for this, especially after a long day at work. We then think primarily about relaxing on the couch with our favorite book or TV series. Then he comes to the rescue MC Smart thermo robot. His help will be especially useful now, during the intensive pre-Christmas preparations for Easter.

Lidl MC Smart

The MC Smart device proposed by the Lidl store chain has 15 automatic work programs, which include kneading, cutting vegetables, fermenting, steaming and mixing. One of the available features is the ability to adjust portions in selected recipes. This allows for flexible meal planning.

“Lidlomix” (that's what many people call Thermomix's competitor, which doesn't really please the company that produces it, Vorwerk) has a meal planner, a shopping list and a notepad function. Their task is to help in organizing everyday culinary duties. MC Smart also has a rich database containing over 600 free recipes, which are pre-loaded. You can find more of them online. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection, users of the lidl thermorobot can update recipes and connect to the device using their smartphone.

MC Smart is sold in a set with a cover, steaming insert, steaming attachment, cooking insert, large mixing bowl (4.5 l) made of stainless steel, insert with blades, whisk attachment, spatula with removable tip and a lid with a filling hole and a measuring cup.

Lidl MC Smart

Availability and price

Monsieur Cuisine Smart thermobot will be available from next Saturday, March 23, 2024in stationary stores Lidl. The promotional price of the thermorobot will be: only PLN 1,799.

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