Go on vacation with peace of mind thanks to 50% off all Verisure protection packs

Have you thought about the security of your home before leaving (soon) on vacation? Verisure, yes. The company offers you to leave with peace of mind by equipping yourself with a complete and personalized security system at a lower cost.

According to law enforcement statistics, the months of July and August (with the month of December) record the largest increase in burglary during the year. A phenomenon which is not surprising since the summer period sees many French people leaving their homes for several days or weeks, thus facilitating the task of burglars. The risk of being robbed therefore exists, but it is not necessarily inevitable.

There are many ways to protect your home: warn relatives or the police, give the illusion of a presence, limit the risk of intrusion… But the best thing is still to take the lead by installing a protection system in good and due form. This is the domain of remote surveillance specialist Verisure, which provides all its customers with a tailor-made offer and a quality of service that is among the best on the market. Better: the operator is currently offering you, and until August 6, to discover all of its equipment packs at -50%.

Why choose an alarm system from Verisure?

Choosing Verisure to equip your home means above all trusting the European leader in alarms with remote monitoring. A status obtained thanks to 30 years of experience in the field of remote monitoring and a quality of service among the best on the market. So much so that the company ensures the safety of nearly 650,000 people, an impressive figure which proves, if need be, the reliability of the protection offered.

However, this is not the only asset in Verisure’s purse. In order to offer a surveillance system capable of thwarting the deceitfulness of burglars, the company relies on two major elements.

On the one hand, a modern and efficient installation based on state-of-the-art equipment. This device brings together different elements that not only protect your home, but also deter potential intruders. It consists in particular of:

  • of an alarm centre: it is the heart of the installation. It centralizes the information coming from the various elements of the system and transmits it to the Verisure operators. It has an anti-jamming system, triple connectivity and a backup battery that allow it to work whatever the situation;
  • of cameras: it is an essential part of the installation to monitor both the interior and exterior of your home. Verisure relies in particular on the Arlo Pro 4 camera, capable of seeing day and night and having an intercom to communicate with the occupants of the home;
  • of sensors: from motion detectors installed near entrances to shock detectors placed on openings, Verisure has a wide variety of sensors to thwart intrusion attempts;
  • deterrents: from the simple plate installed outside your home to the fog diffuser, you can discover a whole arsenal of appropriate countermeasures to frighten and repel intruders.

The other side of Verisure protection relies on operators capable of reacting to most crisis situations. These trained professionals are there to take over from the monitoring system in the event of a problem. Their task is to determine the threat and respond appropriately, whether by triggering the countermeasures ad hocor by contacting law enforcement directly.

Their task, however, is not limited to repelling burglars. The surveillance systems offered by Verisure also constitute a formidable tool for prevention and assistance. In the event of a problem (fall, discomfort), you can also very easily contact Verisure who will inform the fire brigade or the Samu so that they can help you. This approach is also valid in the event of a fire.

Verisure: a tailor-made offer to protect your home

This is undoubtedly the strong argument in favor of Verisure’s offer. The company does not just install a standard system. No, its experts take the time to come to your home, analyze its potential flaws and understand your needs in order to offer you a tailor-made installation. A commendable policy based on a rigorous process and continuous support from Verisure. This is based on three distinct steps:

  • a questionnaire : this first step is essential. By entering the type of home you wish to protect, its location, the type of access or even the composition of your household, you will lay the foundations for your future surveillance system;
  • a diagnosis with an expert: after making an appointment at the end of the questionnaire, a Verisure expert will come to your home to refine the outline of your security system. You can also discuss your needs with him in order to create an installation that perfectly meets your needs;
  • installation: after designing your system, a specialized technician will come to your home within 48 hours to install all the components necessary to protect your home.

All Verisure Hardware Bundles 50% Off Until August 6

To build a protection system adapted to your needs, Verisure relies on a simple and very modular system. On the one hand, two offers that form the basis of any installation. Depending on the home (area, number of occupants, number of accesses) to be protected, the technician will direct you to one or the other:

  • the initial Verisure offer which consists of a central alarm, a multifunction badge reader, 3 access badges, an HD image motion detector, a shock and opening detector, an Arlo camera Pro 4 as well as a metal plate and dissuasive stickers;
  • the Optimal Verisure offer for its part, takes up all the products of the initial offer, and adds 3 additional access badges, an HD image motion detector, a shock and opening detector and an anti-burglary fog diffuser.

To further customize your installation, the technician will direct you to one or more equipment packs. These allow you to add additional equipment to best suit your needs. Whether it’s a camera, a second anti-burglary fog diffuser or other shock and opening detectors (if you have many windows for example), you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are three packages:

  • the Silver Protection Packwhich adds two elements;
  • Gold Protection Pack which allows you to add three elements;
  • Platinum Protection Pack which adds four elements;

Until August 6, Verisure invites you to discover all of these hardware packs at a reduced price. More exactly, it is a reduction of 50% which awaits you.

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