Genesis Toron 301, czyli wyjątkowo lekkie i tanie słuchawki

Genesis Toron 301, extremely light and cheap headphones

New gaming headphones are hitting the market and they have a few tricks up their sleeves. We're talking about high convenience and low price. And there are two color versions to choose from.

Every good gamer is well aware of how important sound is in games. Both when it comes to single-player titles and online games. It not only affects our immersion, but also allows us to determine whether and where the opponent is approaching, which may determine whether we win or lose the match.

Genesis Toron 301 use a classic 3.5 mm jack

There is a lot of gaming equipment on the market, and most of them can be much more expensive than “classic” peripherals. Fortunately, there are still companies that can offer a good price-to-function ratio. Today we will focus on the latest item in the brand's portfolio Genesis.

Genesis Toron 301 these are wired headphones for gamers. We're dealing with a lot here lightweight construction only about a mass 230 grams. Combined with soft ear cushions and fabric lining of the headband, we are talking about… high comfort even during gaming sessions lasting several hours.

Genesis Toron 301, extremely light and cheap headphones

It was decided here 53mm drivers with a declared frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz. The manufacturer claims that sound characteristics is similar to the Genesis Toron 531 model, so slight “V”, but with boosted bass. The whole is complemented by a flexible microphone that can be muted.

Genesis Toron 301, extremely light and cheap headphones

The described headphones are already on sale at the suggested price PLN 149. There is a choice black and white color version. The set also includes a 1.5-meter 3.5 mm jack extension cable.

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