General Motors’ Electric Cars Can Cut Your Energy Bill: Here’s How

General Motors announces that all its future electric cars based on the Ultium platform will be compatible with two-way charging. A feature that will notably make it possible to supply a house without using the public network.

A few years ago, the image of General Motors was that of a group that offered large sedans and SUVs boosted by overpowered V8s. But times are changing and the American firm must develop its offer in order to remain competitive. Especially since it plans to make a comeback on the European market.

A new feature

For this, the group must work on the electrification of its range. It is in this context that Cadillac lifted the veil a few months earlier on its Lyriq, as well as on its Celestiq sedan, which has just unveiled its staggering prices. For its part, GMC markets its Hummer EV, rival of the Tesla Cybertruck. But the North American firm wants to go even further.

It wants to make its electric cars even more convenient for its customers to use. Last year, for example, it published a patent for a charging solution thanks to not one, but two sockets. If it is only a project for the moment, General Motors has just made a very concrete announcement in a new press release.

The group claims that all its future electric cars based on the new Ultium platform will be equipped with a very practical technology: bidirectional charging. The first model to benefit will be the Chevrolet Silverado EV RST, followed by the GMC Sierra EV and the Blazer and Equinox. Later, it will also be the turn of the Cadillac Lyriq as well as the future Escalade IQ. This will be unveiled on August 9th.

Currently, many models already offer this functionality, including the Renault Mégane E-Tech, the MG4 or the Kia EV6, in particular to power small objects such as a kettle or a coffee machine. The new Volvo EX90 will also be equipped with it and will be able to supply a whole house, which obviously has many advantages.

A reduced bill, but not only

Indeed, this technology, which will also be adopted by General Motors, makes it possible to significantly reduce the electricity bill households that benefit from it. The operation is very simple: all you have to do is plan the car charging during off-peak hours, where energy costs the least and where the network is the least stressed.

Then, during peak hours, we use the car to supply the house. The latter’s battery then plays a role of stationary storage. This therefore allows you to spend less, since the electricity is drawn from the car… which supplies the house with electricity purchased at low cost. And it is all the more useful since the government has recently raised the price of energy by 10%, while it plans to remove price shield.

In addition, this solution also reduces tensions on the network, which has been under attack for several months. In question, the war in Ukraine and the shutdown of several nuclear reactors in France. But how will customers be able to take advantage of this technology? Well, it’s very simple, since all they have to do is subscribe to an Ultium Home Offering.

They can then use GM Energy Cloud, software that optimizes energy management and its distribution between the car and the home. It remains to be seen whether this solution will also be available in France once the American group has returned to us.

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