Karty graficzne GeForce RTX 50. Wyciekły ważne szczegóły

GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards. Important details leaked

In recent days, the hot topic is the specification of GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards, and above all, the type and bus of VRAM memory. We finally know what it should look like.

A few days ago, information appeared that the memory buses in the RTX 50 cards would not be different from the RTX 40 series. A moment later, this was denied, as it turned out that the RTX 5090 was to use a wider, 512-bit bus. Now we know what it will look like for the remaining structures.

GeForce RTX 50 specifications

Yes, the GeForce RTX 5090 graphics card is to use a 512-bit memory bus, not 384-bit, as was the case in the RTX 4090 model. Combined with faster GDDR7 28 Gbps modules, this will translate into much higher throughput, reaching up to 1,792 GB/s. For comparison, the RTX 4090 reaches “only” 1008 GB/s, so we are talking about an improvement of over 70%.

However, the situation in the case of other models is less interesting. Cards based on the GB203 (RTX 5080) and GB205 (RTX 5070) systems will continue to use 256- and 192-bit buses, respectively. Therefore, the offer will not include a model with a 384-bit VRAM memory interface. However, in their case, NVIDIA intends to use GDDR7 chips, so the increase in throughput will be noticeable.

All this, combined with an increased number of CUDA units, possibly higher clock speeds and more L2 caches should translate into a large performance increase. In the case of RTX 5090, it is even 60-70 percent. better performance compared to its predecessor. NVIDIA also intends to significantly improve the cards’ Ray Tracing capabilities.

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