Karty GeForce RTX 50 to największy wzrost wydajności w historii

GeForce RTX 50 cards are the biggest performance increase ever

Blackwell’s GeForce RTX 50 series graphics cards, especially the RTX 5090 model, are expected to bring the largest generation-to-generation performance increase in NVIDIA’s history.

It is expected that at the end of the year, all interested parties will be able to buy the first GeForce RTX 50 Blackwell series graphics card. 99.99 percent it will be the most powerful model in NVIDIA’s offer, i.e. RTX 5090. This one, compared to its direct predecessor, is to be much, much more efficient.

GeForce RTX 5090 performance

Recent reports suggest that the GeForce RTX 5090 graphics card will be equipped with GDDR7 28 Gbps memory and a 512-bit bus, which will provide a bandwidth of as much as 1,792 GB/s. That’s over 70 percent. more than in the RTX 4090 model, which in itself should translate into a large increase in performance. In addition, there is a whole new architecture and more CUDA units. Thanks to this, the new design is expected to bring the largest generation-to-generation performance increase in history.

NVIDIA’s ambitious approach is due to the fact that the RTX 50 series models were designed to compete with AMD RDNA 4 cards with MCM (multi-chip module) cores. It is true that the Reds were supposed to give up on it for now and the Radeon RX 8000 series will be somewhat transitional (it will focus on the mid-price shelf), but the Greens have stuck to their previous plans and intend to introduce a really powerful GPU for sale.

We have already heard that the GeForce RTX 5090 may be up to 70 percent lower. more efficient than RTX 4090 and in standard rasterization. In Ray Tracing, the difference may be even greater.

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