Karty GeForce RTX 50 mają być dużo szybsze, ale zadebiutują później

GeForce RTX 50 cards are supposed to be much faster, but they will debut later

GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards are expected to bring a big leap in performance. However, they will probably debut later than we thought.

Further information about GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards was provided by the RedGamingTech channel. Remember, these are just rumors, so don’t take them for granted. However, they have already proven several times that they have good sources for their revelations, so there may be something to it.

GeForce RTX 50 cards

GeForce RTX 50 graphics cards, also known as Blackwell, are expected to deliver a roughly 60 percent increase in standard rasterization performance over RTX 40 series models. This will apply primarily to the GeForce RTX 5090, the most powerful system in NVIDIA’s portfolio. In the case of cheaper structures, the differences may be smaller.

The information about Ray Tracing performance is even more interesting. The Greens are reportedly aiming for a 250% improvement in this aspect. There’s no telling if they can pull this off, but if they do, it would be a huge improvement. This will be helped by, among others, new GDDR7 memories, which will be available in all, even the cheaper variants of the cards.

However, the GeForce RTX 50 series may debut later than we previously thought. Previous rumors mentioned the first cards being available at the end of 2024. Journalists from RedGamingTech claim that this date has been moved to the second quarter of 2025. Then the GeForce RTX 5090 model should hit stores, followed by cheaper and slower variants in the following months.

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