Karty GeForce RTX 4090 palą się na potęgę? Pokazał dowód

GeForce RTX 4090 cards are burning hot? He showed proof

It turns out that the problem of burnt GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards has not disappeared. Damaged units are still being sent to service centers.

After the premiere of GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards, it turned out that the 12VHPWR power connectors used in them were damaged. In many cases, it resulted from the inattention of the users themselves, but from numerous reports it can be concluded that it was not always their fault.

NVIDIA decided to change the plugin. The 12VHPWR model was replaced by the 12V-2×6. This one has shorter pins, thanks to which – if the plug is not pressed – the mechanism does not allow the transmission of energy at full power, so the risk of failure is much lower. Despite this, damaged GeForce RTX 4090s are still being sent to service centers.

Burnt GeForce RTX 4090 cards

He provided this information to NorthridgeFix, which runs its own YouTube channel. Every day, more GeForce RTX 4090 cards with burnt power connectors will be delivered to them. Some of them were damaged due to the use of faulty CableMod plug-ins that have already been withdrawn from the market, and some are fully factory designs.

Reports show that card failure can occur at virtually any time. If you are using the RTX 4090 model and it has not been damaged so far, you cannot feel confident at all. In some cases, the fault appeared even after a year. However, we are still talking about models that use the older 12VHPWR connector. In the case of the new one, the problem either does not occur or is on a much smaller scale.

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