Garmin watches could finally add a recovery-essential feature

While Garmin watches could not automatically detect naps until now, a new “Sleep Coach” function could soon remedy this.

When it comes to sports training, recovery is one of the main pillars, alongside diet, regularity and exercise intensity. To calculate it as well as possible, Garmin will take into account many data measured during the nights of sleep such as the duration of sleep, the different phases or the variability of the heart rate.

However, if Garmin watches are well able to measure this data during the night, they still lacked an essential function to evaluate a complete recovery: the management of naps.

In fact, to take sleep data into account, the American manufacturer’s watches must switch to sleep mode – with programmed times – and it is only when this mode is activated that they will attempt to detect the drowsiness of the sleeper. ‘user. Therefore, they are therefore not able to detect it in broad daylight.

Automatic detection of nap sessions

According to the blog information The5KRunnergenerally well informed about the manufacturer’s products, Garmin could very soon launch a function called ” Sleep Coach (Sleep Coach in English) for its connected watches. Concretely, this function will allow you to take advantage of a suite of new tools with personal recommendations based on your sleep habits, the management of past workouts or the level of stress as well as in-depth analysis throughout the day to analyze potential naps: “ The system will intelligently take into account naps during the day and sleep patterns from the last few weeks to ensure that recent changes in sleep patterns are taken into account in the recommendations. “.

The analysis of naps was still a shortcoming of Garmin watches in the face of certain competing connected bracelets. This is particularly the case for Amazfit and Fitbit watches or Whoop bracelets.

For the time being, we still do not know which watches will be able to take advantage of this new sleep coach with the consideration of naps. However, as suggested Android Centralthis function could be limited to Garmin watches with the firm’s Elevate 4 (or higher) sensor, since it was from this generation that Garmin began to measure heart rate variability.

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