GAMDIAS prezentuje tanie chłodzenia z wbudowanym ekranem

GAMDIAS presents cheap coolers with a built-in screen

Are you building a new computer set? Do you care about silence and low temperatures? Don’t want to spend a lot? No problem, GAMDIAS is here to help.

Most people write and read about the most expensive and most efficient computer components. In reality, however, home PCs are dominated by low- and mid-price-performance parts. This is hardly surprising, as they allow for comfortable work and entertainment.

New coolers should cost around PLN 129 and PLN 199

Fortunately, there are many manufacturers on the market who have attractively priced products. One of them is GAMDIAS, which has just introduced four new, small and cheap CPU cooling systems. However, they have an ace up their sleeve – built-in display allowing, for example, to quickly check the CPU temperature.

GAMDIAS Boreas M2-51D is a tower-sized CPU cooler 159 x 120 x 75 mm. The design is based on five heat pipes and open base. A 120 mm fan is used here up to 1800 RPMat efficiency up to 72.94 CFMpressure up to 2.63 mmH2ABOUT and volume up to 32 dB(A).

GAMDIAS presents cheap coolers with a built-in screen

GAMDIAS Boreas E2-41D as the name suggests, it is a lower positioned model. The dimensions remain identical – 159 x 120 x 75 mm, but the manufacturer already offers them four instead of five heat pipes. The fan specifications remain unchanged compatibility with high RAM modules.

GAMDIAS presents cheap coolers with a built-in screen

The described CPU coolers were created for new processors that use a socket Intel LGA 1700 or AMD AM5. The manufacturer does not provide the declared efficiency, but they should not be paired with the highest models AMD Ryzen 7000 or Intel Core 14th generation for fear of thermal choking.

The GAMDIAS Boreas M2-51D and GAMDIAS Boreas E2-41D series will be available in stores in the coming weeks. There will be black and white color versions to choose from. Suggested prices should be approx. PLN 199 and 129.

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