GALAX prezentuje miniaturową i całkowicie białą kartę graficzną

GALAX presents a miniature and all-white graphics card

Are you assembling a small computer kit? Are you looking for a small graphics card without additional power? Do you like white PC? Then GALAX has something for you!

Last week NVIDIA stealthily added a new graphics card to its offer. It is about GeForce RTX 3050 6GB. We get a different GPU here, equipped with approximately 10% fewer CUDA cores and 6, instead of 8 GB of VRAM. However, it allowed for price reduction and significant reducing power consumption to 70 W.

The new GALAX model does not require additional power supply

We have already informed you about a completely passively cooled model from Palita. Today we will take a look at low-profile model prepared by the company GALAXwhich tempts with white colors.

GALAX GeForce RTX 3050 6 GB LP White it is a graphics card with dimensions 185 x 121 x 39 millimeters, which was created for small housings and HTPCs. We are dealing here with dual-slot cooling system based on a simple aluminum heat sink and two 40 mm fans.

GALAX presents a miniature and all-white graphics card

Out of the box, the graphics card runs at the reference clock speed (1470MHz). However, after installing the dedicated software there is a profile with light OC to choose from up to 1485MHz.

GALAX presents a miniature and all-white graphics card

The set of video connectors includes two HDMI 2.1 and two DisplayPort 1.4a. It was also decided here white PCBand fans offer semi-passive operation mode (they remain off up to a certain temperature). Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not reveal the release date and suggested price.

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