Allegro usunie oferty spoza katalogu - to duża zmiana w formule biznesowej kolosa

From July, Allegro will be a store, not a junk fair

From July 1, severe changes will come into force across Allegro for both buyers and sellers. A significant part of private offers will disappear forever.

It is no longer a website with advertisements, Allegro is a store

From July 1, offers that are not linked to the Allegro catalog will be they will no longer be visible to buyers. In practice, this means that it will be more difficult for us to find unique products, available in short series, which do not have an EAN code or cannot be found in the Allegro catalog based on name or model.

Allegro argues that thanks to this customers will reach the products fasteror at least the mass ones, because the number of search pages thanks to grouping will decrease by 20%. Apparently, customers are also less likely to ask about products that are already in the catalog – by as much as 60%, so sellers will have more time for themselves.

It will be more difficult to list the item

If you are a private person and get rid of unnecessary items from time to time, these changes may make things a little difficult for you. If it's an iPhone, there probably won't be a problem, but if you sell unwanted equipment from AliExpress – good luck.

Fortunately, Allegro does not completely fall into the fog of absurdity some items that are difficult to catalog have appropriate exclusions. These include autographs, children's clothing for religious events, selected car parts, individual Lego bricks and parts for small household appliances. Although the list seems long (it is available as a PDF at this address), the exclusions apply only to a fraction of Allegro offers.

Products you can also try adding to the directory — thus doing free work for the Allegro team. It sometimes happens that after filling in the parameters, our product is stubbornly pinned to another one in the catalog. In this situation, we can only report an error in the catalog and wait up to 2 business days for Allegro to deal with the problem.

Allegro no longer for Kowalski?

It seems that Allegro is trying hard to become Amazon. This is a direction towards a makteplace, where… after a while you start promoting your own brands, cutting out small entrepreneurs. Over the years, the label of an antique or “second-hand” marketplace has been taken over by OLX, and recently by Vinted.

On Allegro, the secondary market seems to have lost so much importance that it will now be limited only to mass products and offers from pawnshops and other enterprises. From listing items by private individuals Price lists of fees and commissions are also discouraging. These have been indexed many times, and finally in some cases they can approach half the value of the product sold (e.g. a cheap computer mouse is only available on OLX).

Will you miss the old Allegro? Or maybe it's time for a significant competitor to this local brand?

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