From car to home, Amazon launches three new Echos for its Alexa

Amazon updates and completes its range of products dedicated to its voice assistant Alexa. Thus, it is a new speaker and a screen connected which are marketed, as well as a new Echo Auto which brings everything Amazon to your car.

After selling more than half a billion Echo products and proudly announcing that Alexa usage had grown by 35% in 2022. Amazon announced in May new Echo references to complete and update its range . They are now all available and we are therefore entitled to a new connected speaker, the Echo Pop, a connected screen, the Echo Show 5, and the second generation of Echo Auto.

Echo Pop the colorful entry-level

The new entry-level reference for Echo connected speakers is positioned at 54.99 euros, against 64.99 euros for the Echo Dot (5th generation). A softer price, but that’s not done by sacrificing design, here with a nice half-sphere shape for a reduced footprint of 9.9 x 8.3 x 9.1 cm. It is available in four colors: anthracite, white, duck green and a very successful Lavender.

A product designed for small rooms and which, according to the manufacturer, offers a very rich sound despite its format. Something that we will test very quickly, just like its compatibility with Matter.

The Echo Pop can be accompanied by two dedicated accessories. The silicone covers, 22.99 euros each, act as a second skin for the speaker. They exist in seven colors: Blue, Gray, Orange, Purple, Lilac, Red and an amazing phosphorescent that glows in the dark.

Second accessory: a very simple wall mount which is still charged 22.99 euros.

Echo Show 5 3rd generation, the faster and more sound connected screen

For its third generation of compact connected screen, Amazon has the good taste to keep the pricing constant, i.e. 109.99 euros. Its measurements of 14.7 x 8.2 x 9.1 cm should make it very easy to find a place for it in a bedroom or in a kitchen. The design does not move one iota, but Amazon promises better sound reproduction and a device 20% faster than the previous one. Added to this is compatibility with Matter as a new feature.

Echo Auto 2

The first generation of Echo Auto did not excite us and Amazon seems to have seriously revised its copy. The principle remains the same, bring Alexa to your car. Compared to its predecessor, we have here a much more aesthetic and compact product.

It will simply stick in the passenger compartment and connects to your multimedia system via USB or a jack socket. The reduction in size is accompanied by the passage from eight to five microphones and this without loss of performance in the capture of the voice according to Amazon. It has been available since today at a price of 69.99 euros.

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