Free game on Epic Games Store.  Platformer fans will be delighted

Free game on Epic Games Store. Platformer fans will be delighted

Epic Games Store traditionally releases another free game. This time, platformer fans will be pleased.

Epic Games Store is one of the few entities on the market that offers players truly free video games on a regular basis. Every week, players can count on at least one free gift, and sometimes two or even more in a package. Last week we were able to add the Dakar Desert Rally racing game to our library for free.

Meat Boy Forever free on Epic Games Store

Today February 22 from 5 p.m you will be able to download another one a free game from the Epic Games Store. This is a continuation of the successful Super Meat Boy series of platformers. In Super Meat Boy Forever, we once again play the role of the titular Meat Boy, where the levels are brutal and death is inevitable. Players run, jump, punch and kick their way through both well-known locations and completely new worlds, while discovering a truly cinematic plot.

The original Super Meat Boy game was released in 2010 and earned the respect of gamers with its concept and high level of difficulty. The 2020 sequel was not as warmly received. Super Meat Boy Forever will be available for purchase throughout the next week at no charge on the Epic Games Store.

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