forget the subscriptions with these offers available for life

Do you refrain from taking photos and videos for fear of running out of space on your smartphone? And if you opt for an online storage solution like that of pCloud. The service currently offers up to 85% discount on its “lifetime” offers with up to 10 TB of storage.

It’s time to prepare for your summer vacation. The suitcase is soon ready and already accommodates shorts, swimsuits and sunscreen. On the tech side, you don’t need to bother with your PC, your smartphone and your portable console should be more than enough.

Thanks to pCloud, you can access all your documents from the device of your choice and benefit from an automatic backup of all your vacation photos and videos. In addition, until July 17, pCloud offers up to 85% discount on ” lifetime “. For example, for a one-time payment of 279 euros, you get 2 TB of storage for life (or rather 99 years to be exact).

Rock-solid file availability

Are your drawers overloaded with external storage devices of all kinds and are you tired of scheduling hours when you need to search for a specific document?

By opting for an online storage solution like that of pCloud, you can gather all your files in one place and above all access them easily and quickly from any device.

Even offline, documents already synchronized remain available and editable. You just have to wait for the connection to be reestablished so that the changes made are synchronized on all of your devices.

The publisher offers you different ways of accessing your online storage space:

  • on the web browser of your choice via the URL;
  • through the desktop appDrive» installed on your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux);
  • on mobile via the applicationpCloudfor iOS and Android.

This solution also includes an automatic backup feature, so you never lose important documents or any vacation memories. The tool also allows you to choose precisely which folders on your PC, smartphone or tablet are to be backed up automatically.

In addition, there is no risk of a file going by the wayside, pCloud allowing the uploading of all types of documents, regardless of their format and even their size. To go even further, the Swiss firm does not impose any restrictions on the transfer speed. This then depends directly on your connection.

Documents that are easy to find and share

If pCloud has made every effort to facilitate the backup of your files and make them available on all types of devices, the Swiss company has also made sure that they are easy to find. The publisher has provided a search bar at the top of its interface. And if necessary, the tool also allows you to filter each file by format: document, image, audio, video and archive.

When it comes to file sharing, it’s just as easy. You just need to select the folder and then click on the option “Invite“. The person does not need to have a paid pCloud account to benefit from this feature. She then receives an email notification and can access this content. pCloud also offers you the possibility of generating a direct link in two clicks, which you can then send directly. And if you wish, you can protect the document with a password as a bonus.

If you can share your files with your loved ones, in return, you can also give them write access to a particular folder, so that they can add their own documents. This feature is very valuable when you need to reciprocally exchange all your vacation photos and videos with your friends.

Safe storage

If pCloud offers a very practical online storage service, and moreover affordable, the publisher does not necessarily ignore data security.

The company has several fleets ofdata centerbased in Luxembourg and thus meets European regulations, including the GDPR. All the files saved on the solution are then encrypted at the source, thanks to the pCloud Encryption option and can, as a bonus, be protected by passwords.

File transfers between your devices and the company’s servers are also secure, pCloud systematically using the TLS/SSL protocol. And to guarantee total confidentiality of your data, the Swiss firm undertakes to have no access to the encryption keys, and therefore to the content that you store with them. Only you can view and edit your documents.

A great lifetime storage capacity at a low price

Until July 17, pCloud is dropping the price of its “Lifetime” offers:

  • the 500 GB Premium Lifetime formula is at 139 euros, i.e. a nice discount of 75%;
  • the 2 TB Premium Plus Lifetime formula drops to 279 euros, a reduction of 75%;
  • the 10 TB Custom Lifetime formula goes to 890 euros after an 85% discount.

In any case, this is a one-time payment and not an annual subscription. You therefore have no hidden costs and can keep your storage space for life, a rare option on this type of online service.

But what is 2 TB really? With such a storage capacity, you can save thousands of photos captured in very high definition and even in RAW format. Thus, with this intermediate formula, you should have a few years ahead of you before saturating the available space.

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