Forged ID cards and ATM cards.  The police detained a fraudster from Lublin

Forged ID cards and ATM cards. The police detained a fraudster from Lublin

The police reported a successful operation that led to the arrest of a person potentially responsible for fraud. A lot of evidence was found in his apartment.

Police officers from the Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime informed about an operation during which a man impersonating other people and institutions was detained. His apartment was searched and hard evidence was found proving his guilt.

The police caught an internet fraudster

We often write about fraudsters' methods and their victims, and headlines about someone losing thousands of zlotys are commonplace. We are much less likely to report that they are the fraudsters were captured, because locating them is usually a very difficult task. Fortunately, they are not elusive, as the police prove. During proceedings supervised by the Lublin-PoĊ‚udnie District Prosecutor's Office A man suspected of internet fraud was arrested.

A lot of incriminating evidence was found in the prisoner's apartment. Among others fake ID cards, false certificates of employment and the amount of evidence obtained, as well as payment cards made in the names of the victims. There were many mobile phones and dozens of SIM cards. He was in possession of stamps for various companies described as “chief accountant”, “president of the management board”, etc. The man extorted personal and online banking data, and later applied for loans cash. The police estimated that the total monetary losses of all his victims amounted to PLN 250,000.

The prosecutor's office informed that this was not the first action of this criminal, and his offenses would be treated on the basis of recidivism. So far, he has been detained for three months. The police said they planned further arrests, so it's possible he wasn't working alone.

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