Zakazane słowa w rozmowie telefonicznej. Gdy usłyszysz, rzuć słuchawką

Forbidden words in a telephone conversation. When you hear it, hang up

The Credit Information Bureau warns about fraud attempts. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately.

BIK, the Credit Information Bureau, warns against a new method of fraudsters. The case was first reported by Niebezpiecznik, which specializes in cybersecurity. If you get a call like this, it's best to hang up as soon as possible.

Fraud against the Border Guard

How do fraudsters try to deceive us in this case? First of all, they impersonate the Border Guard. They call potential victims and inform them about a shipment with illegal content addressed to our name. However, there is no reason to worry. This is a simple scam in which scammers try to extort money from us.

If you receive such a call, the first thing you will hear is a message in English informing you about an illegal shipment. Then, after pressing “1”, you will be redirected to the alleged officer who is handling the case. He will try to extort money, for example by asking for a payment card number to pay a fine.

Fraudsters use different phone numbers to operate, making it difficult to block everyone. However, the most important thing is not to act under the influence of emotions and not to provide your data, including payment card numbers, over the phone.

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