For you, the Apple Vision Pro is not revolutionary, but remains a great innovation

Apple introduced its Vision Pro headset at WWDC as a breakthrough on the scale of the iPhone launch. And as much to say that you are divided on the subject.

Rumors were right, Apple unveiled its Vision Pro headphones last week. The commercialization of the product will wait until the year 2024, at an exorbitant price of 3,499 dollars in the United States. In the meantime, and during a good chunk of its conference, Apple presented the brand’s vision behind its mixed reality headset.

For the Cupertino company, its helmet must above all make it possible to replace a computer by working in front of giant virtual screens. It must also offer access to entertainment content, in particular through Apple TV+ and Disney+. Finally, the engineers foresee a social use of the headset with FaceTime and the ability to capture memories in 3D.

Here are the three pillars of Apple’s vision to convince the world that its new product will be a revolution at the height of the iPhone.

A vision of the innovative Apple Vision, but without revolution

Last week, we wanted to ask you about your reading of Apple’s proposal with this helmet. At that price, the idea obviously wasn’t to ask if you were planning on buying one, but rather if you buy into Apple’s vision.

Overall, the responses were very mixed, despite more than 1,000 entries.

Still, for more than 40% of voters, this product can bring more constraints than advantages on a daily basis because of its format. It can indeed be restrictive to ask users to wear a helmet for long hours for their professional, leisure or playful activity.

However, for nearly 27% of those who voted, the Vision Pro has all the assets to mark the history of technologies as much as the iPhone in its time. This is the case of Michael_France who indicates in the comments that the Vision Pro will seduce both users and developers: “At the beginning of 2024 I will buy one as soon as it is released and I have the idea that I will not be the only one because its potential is enormous, as well as the productivity gains it will bring me“. For 18.5% of voters, the Apple Vision Pro has every chance of working, but without revolution. A predictable success that can be explained, for LongBreton, by the on-board technologies:The Apple vision pro is a VR headset without compromising on the price of components unlike other headsets on the market“.

Finally, only 14% of those who voted consider that the Apple Vision Pro does not bring innovation. Like what, even if many of you consider that it is nothing revolutionary, you still welcome the innovative capabilities of the American manufacturer.

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