Elon Musk do Tesli CyberTruck proponuje... CyberMłotek

For the Tesla CyberTruck, Elon Musk suggests… CyberHammer

Are you thinking about buying a Tesla CyberTruck? You will also need a good hammer for tapping the bodywork. Elon Musk has just started selling one.

About two months ago, a patent application came out suggesting that Tesla is working on a new product called CyberHammer. What did Elon Musk and his people come up with this time? Yes, you think right. It's a special blacksmith's hammer that anyone can use to tap out dents in their square CyberTruck.

Ready or not, it's hammer time. Our limited edition CyberHammer, now available to the general public, celebrates the launch of the CyberTruck when Franz used a hammer to demonstrate the durability of the vehicle's stainless steel exoskeleton. Designed by Tesla Design Studio and crafted from steel, the CyberHammer features Franz's laser-engraved signature on the head, making this a truly collectible piece.

– we read in the description of the hammer on Tesla's website

Tesla CyberTruck CyberHammer

Built only 800 hammers, attaching a certificate of authenticity to each of them. This tool could be obtained as a reward through the referral program or by purchasing it for $700i.e. equivalent approximately PLN 2,800in the store on the website shop.tesla.com. At the time of writing, the hammer is not available for purchase – it has a description attached to it “out of stock” (out of stock).

Tesla CyberHammers have appeared on eBay. However, here the prices are much higher, reaching… up to $5,500That is almost PLN 22,000.

Tesla CyberHammer

And how durable is the Tesla CyberHammer? The manufacturer does not specify this, but at the same time warns that do not hit hard surfaces with this hammer. The hammer is intended for exhibition use or, for example, as an aid for strength training.

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