For Prime Day, Dangbei offers its projectors from 329 euros

Whether it’s to watch a movie at home or a series on vacation on a giant screen, Dangbei necessarily has a video projector to meet the needs of moviegoers. And the most economical will be delighted to learn that the best products are on sale for Prime Day.

The most effective way to get closer to a cinematic experience at home is still to use a video projector. Not content with being less bulky than a conventional television, it also has the advantage of offering a truly gigantic image. That being said, quality projectors are generally more expensive than TVs.

Fortunately, on the occasion of Prime Day, it is possible to equip yourself without melting your savings. A new player on the market, the manufacturer Dangbei will offer up to 27% discounts on a selection of connected video projectors. For example, the Dangbei Emotn N1 will drop to €329 instead of €449, a 27% discount. To see more clearly, we have selected the best deals.

In short :

  • the Dangbei Mars Pro at 1,349 euros instead of 1,799 euros;
  • the Dangbei Emotn N1 at 329 euros instead of 449 euros;
  • the Dangbei Neo at 594 euros instead of 699 euros.

The Dangbei Mars Pro at €1,349 vs. €1,799

A 4K laser projector for less than 1,500 euros. This is the prowess that Dangbei delivers with the Dangbei Mars Pro. Especially since it does not skimp on performance.

The Dangbei Mars Pro relies on a 3,200 lumen laser light source. The choice of this technology offers several advantages. First there is the lifespan of the device, which is estimated at 30,000 hours according to the manufacturer. Laser projection is also more energy efficient, and makes the projector quieter. Finally, it is possible to use it even in broad daylight without the image suffering.

This video projector succeeds without any problem in projecting an image ranging from 40 to 200 inches diagonally, in a native Ultra HD definition of 3840 x 2160 px. Optimal quality for watching films and series in excellent conditions. Especially since the Dangbei Mars Pro has two 10 W speakers.

Running on a stable and fast Android system, it also benefits from autofocus, keystone correction and obstacle detection functions.

Already with a low price vis-à-vis the competition, the Dangbei Mars Pro takes advantage of Prime Day to lower its price a little more. It will thus be offered at 1,349 euros at Amazon, against 1,799 euros usually, i.e. a discount of 450 euros.

The Emotn N1 at 329 € instead of 449 €

Where most of its projectors are homebodies, Dangbei delivers with the Emotn N1 a nomadic video projector that will accompany moviegoers on vacation. Its dimensions of 18.2 x 12.5 x 19.2 cm for a weight of 1.9 kg make it easily transportable. Perfect for launching your favorite film or series on the wall of your holiday home from your garden or on the side of your van during a road trip.

Speaking of series, the main strength of the Emotn N1 lies in its Netflix license. This certification allows the Emotn N1 to natively embed the Netflix application, and to be able to enjoy it with Full HD definition. There’s even a dedicated button on the remote. Although it runs on Linux, this projector is also compatible with the Prime Video and YouTube apps.

As for the image, the Dangbei Emotn N1 projects an image ranging from 60 to 120 inches diagonally with Full HD definition with the LCD process. It is HDR10 compatible and has an automatic keystone correction and autofocus system. These two functions ensure a sharp and rectangular image, even if the video projector is askew vis-à-vis the wall. It includes a USB 2.0 port, an Ethernet jack, an HDMI port and a 3.5mm jack.

The ultimate strength of the Dangbei Emotn N1 is its price-performance ratio. Usually sold for 449 euros, the Dangbei Emotn N1 will drop to 329 euros for Prime Days.

The Dangbei Neo at €594 instead of €699

The Dangbei Neo is a very compact projector compared to other models on the market. A significant small size for those who do not want to clutter a piece of furniture with a large unsightly monolith. What’s more, its weight of 1.42 kg allows it to slip easily into a backpack.

But what is most striking with the Dangbei Neo is the mastery of its quality-price ratio. Despite a price under 700 euros, this DLP projector guarantees a quality image, the diagonal of which peaks at 120 inches and the definition at full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). DLP technology also offers bright images, with more vivid colors than LCD. Here we also find autofocus and keystone correction depending on the projection angle, but also intelligent obstacle detection to adjust the image accordingly.

The Dangbei Neo offers a good viewing experience, especially thanks to its two integrated speakers. It is even possible to improve the sound environment by connecting several speakers via Bluetooth 5.2. Finally, like its little brother, the Dangbei Neo natively supports Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube.

If it normally displays a price of 699 euros, the Dangbei Neo will drop to 594 euros for Prime Days, a discount of 105 euros.

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