For its future electric Dacia Sandero, Dacia has understood everything about the electric car

After the Spring, Dacia should continue its offensive on the electric car market with the next generation of Sandero. The brand’s objective: to maintain a competitive price, even if it means making concessions on autonomy and fast charging in the face of its competitors.

The Dacia Spring is a success in Europe and, as long as it can benefit from the ecological bonus (it could no longer be eligible for it in France very soon), there is no reason for that to change. It will obviously not remain the only electric car from the Franco-Romanian manufacturer, which will be forced like the others to adapt to future European legislation.

Admittedly, Dacia would like to avoid switching to all-electric and would therefore bet on synthetic fuels. A choice which, as we explained to you, seems at least surprising, not to say unrealistic. But in any case, even if this orientation ultimately proves to be relevant, the number of fully electric Dacia models is inexorably set to increase in the years to come.

Electric Dacia Sandero: not before 2027

In an interview with journalists fromCoach, Denis Le Vot, the boss of Dacia, revealed that the passage of the Sandero to the electric motorization was already recorded. It will take place in 2027 or 2028, when the vehicle is renewed.

For the electric Sandero as for the other new products to come, Dacia will not change the recipe that has made it successful: designing simple cars, using technical components already used for several years on other models of the Renault group. This minimalist approach should limit the weight of the car, and therefore its consumption. As for the battery, Dacia could choose sodium-ion, which is less expensive than lithium-ion. However, this remains to be confirmed.

Electric Sandero: price rather than autonomy

The electric Sandero will hardly do miracles in terms of autonomy. An affordable car is not intended to break records in this area anyway. Moreover, the success of the Spring, credited at best with 230 km in the WLTP combined cycle, shows that this parameter, as important as it is, is not the only one taken into account by the customer at the time of purchase. Remember that the Dacia Spring is the best-selling electric car in France… behind the Tesla Model Y.

It is necessary to believe besides that Dacia does not nourish any complex on the subject of autonomy. In his interview with English journalists, Denis Le Vot himself announced that the autonomy and charging speed of the electric Sandero would be lower than those of direct competitors, in order to maintain a competitive purchase price.

However, we imagine that autonomy and recharging will evolve compared to the Dacia Spring. We can then imagine a range of 300 km and a recharge faster than the 50 minutes of the Dacia Spring.

Finally, Dacia might have found the winning recipe for a consumer electric car. When you know that the French travel on average 26 km per day, there is no point in having a daily car that recharges quickly with great autonomy. Let’s also remember that an electric car with a theoretical range of 400 km can cross France, as we have shown on a Paris-Marseille.

Where to produce it?

The question of the place of production will be crucial, at least in France, because it will soon determine whether the vehicle is eligible for the bonus. The government has not yet revealed the details of the reform, but the objective would be to exclude from the device in one way or another the models produced in China. As a reminder, the current generation of Sandero is assembled in Mioveni, Romania. But the Electric Spring is produced in China.

Dacia’s offensive on the electric front will not be limited to the next generation of Sandero. The Duster should also end up adopting an electric motor, but we will have to be even more patient since it should not arrive before 2033…

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