For a few days, the price of the latest Google Pixel is down sharply at Orange

As part of Google Pixel week by Orange, from July 20 to 26, Google Pixel smartphones have a place of choice with the operator. The opportunity to save up to 300 euros on the latest smartphones.

The best time to upgrade to a Google Pixel smartphone is now. For one week, from July 20 to 26, in Orange stores and on the online store, products from the Pixel range are in the spotlight. The opportunity to make great savings and to afford, for example, a Google Pixel 7 Pro at only 499 euros or one Google Pixel 7a at 289 euros instead of 509 euros, by combining the 100 euros immediate discount as well as the trade-in offer bonus for your old smartphone.

A week of promotions at Orange

From July 20 to 26, Orange is launching Google Pixel week and giving Google Pixel smartphones great discounts. The operator lowers all prices of Pixel products by 100 euros of immediate discount. Added to this is a trade-in bonus of up to 200 euros if you bring your old smartphone back to the store. It is thus possible to take advantage of reductions of up to 300 euros on certain Google Pixel smartphones. In detail, by combining the immediate discount as well as the trade-in bonus for your old smartphone, here are the prices that we reach on bare smartphones:

All information on take-back offers as part of Google Pixel week by Orange is available by following this link.

The Google Pixel 7a, the latest in the Pixel 7 range

Launched on May 11, the Google Pixel 7a completes a acclaimed Pixel 7 range. The Google Pixel 7 Pro, for example, obtained 9/10 in our columns and the Google Pixel 7 was given the same score by the editorial staff. The Google Pixel 7a was not unworthy with a very good score of 8/10.

While all Google Pixel smartphones stand out from the competition with their excellent value for money, the Google Pixel 7a also stands out for its very compact aesthetics.

With a 6.1-inch 90Hz OLED display, the Google Pixel 7a is among the smallest smartphones on the market and it should appeal to anyone looking for a relatively small, yet powerful product.

Like its big brothers, the Google Pixel 7a shines in the field of photography. On its back is the double photo module composed of:

  • a 64-megapixel main sensor with wide-angle lens;
  • a secondary 13-megapixel module with ultra-wide-angle optics.

A very effective and controlled combo that provides superb image sharpness, exact colorimetry and vibrant contrasts. The portraits are also of very good quality, the background blur perfectly managed and the presence of a high-performance × 8 zoom completes an extremely neat camera.

For the rest, Google has pulled out all the stops to offer one of the best value for money in its range. With an interface entirely designed by Google and Android 13 installed natively on the device, the Pixel 7a offers services that one would expect to find on higher-end smartphones. Remember that all Google Pixel smartphones get three years of system updates and five years of security updates. The promise of affording a smartphone that will remain up to date for several years.

At the moment, the Google Pixel 7a is 289 euros at Orange instead of 509 euros.

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