For a few days, the best LG OLED 4K TVs are enjoying great discounts at Darty

September 8 will mark the start of the Rugby World Cup. To mark the event, Darty is reducing the price of the best LG televisions. Here is our selection of the best offers to grab this back to school.

A few days before the opening of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Darty is highlighting 4K TVs from the LG brand and offering great discounts on certain flagship references from the manufacturer. We have identified for you the offers not to be missed:

  • the LG OLED EVO 65G3 TV is 2,299 euros;
  • the LG OLED EVO 48C3 TV is 1,699 euros;
  • The LG 86UR81 TV benefits from a strong reduction at Darty.

LG OLED EVO 65G3: a designer and ultra-bright television

No, getting a big TV no longer requires ruining the minimalist decor in your living room that you spent so much time on. The LG OLED EVO 65G3 TV launched last January is proof of this. With its elegant “picture” design and its invisible wall hook, this television can blend discreetly onto a wall, becoming one with it.

But LG didn’t just take care of its design. The LG EVO 65G3 was also praised by the press for its display quality and also obtained a score of 9/10 during tests carried out by CssTricks. Based on OLED EVO technology and the new α9 AI 4K Gen6 processor, this TV offers remarkable brightness for OLED TV.

For a successful cinema session, or to immerse yourself in the heart of the best matches of the Rugby World Cup, there is no need to close shutters and curtains when the sun shines through the window. This is all the more true as the TV EVO 65G3 has a powerful anti-reflective coating. On the audio side, LG has also pulled out all the stops. The Korean brand has opted for powerful 4.2 60 W speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Are you looking for even more intense sound? The TV can harmonize in an instant with LG soundbars thanks to WOW Orchestra technology.

And if you only want to do sports and prefer a good gaming session, the LG OLED EVO 65G3 has everything you need. This model has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and offers compatibility with VRR G-Sync technologies, as well as FreeSync, for image fluidity. The manufacturer promises gaming sessions in Dolby Vision 4K at 120 frames per second and a response time of just 0.1 ms.

This LG television, which incorporates the best of the brand’s technologies, is currently available from Darty at 2,299 euros.

LG OLED EVO 48C3: the good compromise at a low price

While LG OLED EVO C3 TVs borrow many features from the G3 series, they are nevertheless more affordable. The 48-inch model is also available at 1,699 euros.

However, LG does not ignore the OLED panel, nor the 4K UHD, nor the α9 4K Gen6 processor. Such equipment allows it to display with a beautiful luminosity, even if it turns out to be less powerful than on the G3. And like them, the LG EVO 48C3 TV is compatible with both Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10 Pro. LG therefore promises a very high quality image with deep blacks, as well as rich and intense colors.

The sound part is not set back either on this TV equipped with a Dolby Atmos and DTS:X certified 40 W 2.2 audio system. And unsurprisingly, this model also syncs easily with LG soundbars thanks to WOW Orchestra.

On the gaming side, LG has once again used the same recipe as on the G3 with, on the program, the presence of 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, support for G-Sync and FreeSync for fluidity, Dolby Vision 4K compatibility at 120 frames per second, and above all the response rate of 0.1 ms.

Its solid technical sheet and its ultralight design of 14.9 kg earned it the excellent score of 9/10 during the test conducted by CssTricks. This is undoubtedly the best technology price ratio of LG.

LG 86UR81: 86 inches to be like in the cinema

To enjoy every action of the XV of France without losing the slightest detail, Darty offers the LG 86UR81 television. Featuring a powerful α7 AI 4K Gen6 processor and a 100Hz refresh rate, this huge 86-inch LED TV delivers a smooth, sharp and detailed picture in all circumstances.

The power of the processor even allows to upscale in 4K UHD all programs initially available in Full HD. Even in your retro sequences to watch the films and series that marked your childhood, you benefit from a high quality image. In addition, the LG 86UR81 is also compatible with HDR10 Pro, a source of more vivid and realistic colors.

If this TV is perfectly calibrated for watching sports, this one is just as good for gaming. LG has equipped it with two HDM 2.1 ports and a game optimizer, responsible for instantly and automatically configuring the settings according to the game launched. To go even further, the LG 86UR81 is compatible with the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. In a few clicks, you can then find all your games, without having to systematically connect your PC or console.

LG has also thought of all those days when you simply want to discover new content from the comfort of your sofa. Thanks to the new WebOS 23 interface, the TV offers you suggestions based on your latest views and your recent requests. You can also browse the home screen and launch the program of your choice simply, either with the “magic remote», which transforms the remote control into a pointer, or by voice command.

Darty allows you to get this monumental high-end TV for 1,599 euros.

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