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This Monday, June 5 at 7 p.m. Paris time, WWDC 2023 will take place. More than iOS 17 or a new MacBook Air, the keynote should not be marked by this. What is expected more from the Apple conference is the mixed reality headset, the Apple Glass/Reality Pro.

It’s D-Day for the Apple conference, the famous WWDC 2023. The keynote kicks off at 7 p.m. Paris time. The announcements could be very important, with the details of the iOS 17 update, but also watchOS 10 and some new features around Macs. The star of the event, however, should be the mixed reality headset, whose name would be Apple Glass or Reality Pro.

Apple’s WWDC 2023 feed


Make way for iOS 17!

We are now on iOS 17! With promised new features on your classic calls, your video calls and your messages.

And it starts in particular with the announcement of personalized posters according to the contact who calls you. Looks cool with lots of customization!

And a Mac Pro by the way!

We don’t stop on such a good path. We are also entitled to an insane Mac Pro, also powered by the Apple M2 Ultra chip. Apple promises customization, power galore and speed like we’ve never seen before. The products are available next week… but the brand hasn’t specified the prices yet! It’s going to be salty!

NB. We just have the price of the Mac Studio with M2 Max: 1999 dollars.


Mac Studio and M2 Max and M2 Ultra

There, Apple wants to put the package to seduce the professional world. Here is a new version of the already very attractive Mac Studio, but this time with a new M2 Ultra chip that has 50% more unified memory than the M1 Ultra.

In short, it will boost like never before. And here are the features to remember about the updated Mac Studio, available with M2 Max or M2 Ultra.


15″ MacBook Air specs and price

We stay on an Apple M2 chip on this computer. So no M3 for the moment. And we don’t expect such an announcement today, but we might be surprised. Below is an overview of the features of the 15-inch MacBook Air.

Count on a price of 1299 dollars in the United States and marketing from next week.


15-inch MacBook Air

It starts with computers and with the expected 15-inch MacBook Air! Very thin format with two USB-C ports, 3.5 mm jack port and 4 colors. It should be noted that the screen is exactly 15.3 inches.

Good morning!

Tim Cook takes the floor with his famous “Good morning” to start. The weather is nice in Cupertino.


Let’s go !

The keynote starts! With a short film. Apple likes that.

It starts…slowly!

It starts slowly with a little music and cool animations.

More questions about the Apple Glass

A lot of information about the Apple Glass is circulating, but the product still retains a lot of mystery. One wonders in particular at what price (a priori extremely expensive) could sell the helmet and how Apple intends to praise its merits. In other words, to which specific audience could such a product be addressed? For Apple, the stakes are huge, because this WWDC 2023 could give a glimpse of Apple’s strategy for the next ten years.

6:00 p.m.
H-1 before WWDC 2023!

Tension rises, hands get sweaty, tempers flare… Well, I’m doing a little bit of it, just a little. But it must be said that this WWDC 2023 is eagerly awaited. Will Apple, yes or no, amaze us with an Apple Glass headset? We will know soon. The conference starts in about an hour!

Follow WWDC 2023 on our live Twitch

To watch Apple’s WWDC while understanding the stakes of the presentation, we invite you to follow it with us on the Twitch channel of CssTricks, live. We will be available to answer your questions about the new features announced by Apple.

Our live will start at 6:30 p.m. and you will find Arnaud Gelineau, head of the video department, journalist and youtuber PP Garcia as well as our journalist Cassim Ketfi. The journalist from Nicolas Lellouche will also be present in duplex from Apple Park in Cupertino.

Apple’s official keynote live

Apple will of course have its own live, which can be viewed from the brand’s website on a dedicated page. For the moment, we only see the brand logo, bubble style and with colors on the borders, deforming in all directions.

The live conference will also be available on Apple TV, but also on the manufacturer’s YouTube channel.

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What to expect from WWDC 2023?

The first announcement that should occur during this keynote is iOS 17, the new version of the iPhone operating system. An update that could be major: it could bring the possibility of installing other application stores, but also a more customizable lock screen and more accessibility options.

There should also be the presentation of watchOS 10, the Apple Watch operating system. New features could be there, such as synchronization with an iPad or a Mac.

Also, we should see the arrival of macOS 14, with a new 15-inch MacBook Air to launch it, but nothing revolutionary for Apple’s ecosystem is expected.

But all these announcements are not much next to what Apple could show us. The company could present its first mixed reality helmet (mixing augmented reality and virtual reality).

We do not know exactly what it would be called: Apple Glass or Apple Reality Pro are the names that come up the most. We don’t really know its design either, so anything is possible.

Illustration of Tim Cook wearing the Apple Glass

Knowing Apple’s ability to democratize technologies that are struggling to take off, this headset could well revolutionize the virtual reality industry. In anticipation of the announcement, Apple has had two new areas built on its campus.

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