Fish, boats, waves, beach… vote for your favorite sea-themed photo

It’s time to vote for this new edition of the CssTricks photo competition. For this new fortnight, the theme is that of the sea.

Last Tuesday, we revealed the big winner of the sixth edition of the photo competition CssTricks : Élodie’s black and white photo of zebras. For this new edition, we have chosen a very topical theme.

Summer is coming to an end and if you’ve been lucky enough to take a vacation to the coast, this was your chance to shine. Indeed, for this sixth edition, the imposed theme is that of the sea. Around twenty of you participated and, among the photos received, we selected four finalists: Yohan, Guilhem, Pierre-Alexandre and Jules.

Yohan Photo: Croatia

Long exposure that I took in Split (Croatia). The view overlooks the Adriatic Sea and the city, you can feel the calm of the end of the day. Photo taken with my Nikon D3100 on a tripod, exposure time 25 s.

Photo of Yohan taken with a Nikon D3100

Guilhem Photo: Kyrgyzstan

This photo was taken in Kyrgyzstan on the edge of the immense Yssyk Kul lake which, with its almost 200km long by 60km wide, is a real inland sea, especially since the water is salty. The most remarkable thing is that if the lake is located at almost 2,000m above sea level, you can see, on the other side, the mountains which rise between 5,000m and 7,500m above sea level. A true continental climate, the heat in summer is very high and is close to 42°C in the capital Bishkek. Escaping to the lakeside allows you to enjoy milder temperatures and, above all, to swim and have fun in this real inland sea.

Photo by Guilhem

Pierre-Alexandre Photo: Saint Malo

This is a photo taken in St-Malo. I was walking around the city of Alet and visited the remains of the 39-45 memorial, when I heard people around me talking and laughing! They were laughing because they found it amusing to see all the birds behind this fishing boat returning to port! I had my camera, a Canon R6. The photo shows the lighthouse of the 520m pier which protects the port of St Malo, with the birds behind the fishing boat returning to port, waiting for their feasts!

Photo of Pierre-Alexandre taken with Canon EOS R6

Jules’ photo: sand

The first was taken on Kerléven beach in South Finistère on April 24 this year.

Photo by Jules

It’s up to you to vote

As with every edition, it is up to you to choose the winner of this photo competition.

To do this, you have one week to vote, in the poll below, for your favorite photo among the four proposed. Votes will be stopped on May 12 at noon before launching a new competition the next day.


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