Petarda w Biedronce. Ten telewizor kupisz za grosze

Firecracker in Biedronka. You can buy this TV for pennies

Biedronka is launching a promotion for an unusual product. We can buy a TV at a great price.

Electronics in Ladybug I guess it doesn't surprise anyone anymore. However, I don't think anyone would expect to find a reasonably priced TV in a popular discount store. And yet! The Biedronka Home online store currently offers this model Blaupunkt 32FGB5000S.

Affordable TV with Google TV

We are dealing here with a matrix-based model LED diagonal 32″. Resolution Full HD, however, with such a small screen, no one will likely be bothered by the lack of 4K. Instead, the TV supports the technology HDR and has a system Google TV. The latter means that we will be able to use popular streaming applications, e.g. Netflix, Disney+ or YouTube, without the need to connect any additional devices.

Firecracker in Biedronka.  You can buy this TV for pennies

A TV from Biedronka may be an interesting option, e.g. for a screen for a bedroom or a child's room. One thing is certain: it won't ruin your home budget. In days from May 19, 2024 to June 2, 2024 you can buy it for now PLN 799 and take advantage of free delivery.

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