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Veepee are selling off Angell connected electric bikes at -59% for this single day of July 18, is this a good deal? We decipher for you!

Electric bikes are currently saturating the stocks of brands and retailers, sometimes pushing for extreme discounts. At Angell Bike, we had already spotted a first operation at a reduction of one thousand euros, i.e. 1,504.49 euros instead of 2,490 euros! But this July 18, and only this day, it is a more exceptional discount that tumbles.

A first generation with many flaws

In its offer of the day “One Day”, the e-commerce site Veepee, accessible via application or website, applies 59% reduction on Angell electric bikes. We thus find them at 999.99 euros instead of 2,490 euros!

The model for sale is an Angell Rapide, the first opus of the French brand. This model is available in two versions, the high frame M and the semi-open frame S. The gray and black colors are also possible, but the green is reserved for the S Rapide only.

Angell Veepee offer 2023

The electric bike is the first generation. So be careful, because this is an iteration that has suffered battery problems, with reduced comfort against rivals Cowboy, Iweech and Vanmoof. Finally, not really VanMoof, which has been bankrupt since yesterday.

It should also be noted that the autonomy is really low, with a capacity of 219 Wh limiting the range of action to 30 km with the intermediate Fly Dry mode according to our Angell Bike test. And you will have to unlock, remove then put back the battery, if you want to recharge it between two uses (approximately 2 hours of charging).

999 euros for an Angell, gift! And there are more helpers!

The price is still very attractive. Less than 1,000 euros for a very light electric bike – less than 17 kg – with a superb design, made in France (in Is-sur-Thille, at Seb), a screen managing navigation, indicators, a fluid app , it is not bad at all !

On the other hand, there are no mudguards, which will have to be added as an option at 125 euros (via the official website, not available via Veepee). Ditto for the crutch at 35 euros, the rear pannier rack at 105 euros or the front luggage rack at 149 euros. But be aware that aid for the purchase of an electric bike, national or local, can reduce the final bill!

Finally, the bike is guaranteed for 2 years, battery included, but only 1 year for the motor.

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