finally a connected watch as chic as a jewel

With its new Watch GT 4, Huawei proves that it is not necessary to choose between the elegance of a luxury watch and the technological prowess of connected models. Chic and highly equipped, the Huawei Watch GT 4 is also affordable, with an introductory price of 249.99 euros.

Most smartwatches have a very sporty and sleek look, which is difficult to pair with a suit or tailoring. However, only wearing it for a few hours of your sports training is not enough to reap all the health monitoring benefits.

Faced with this observation, Huawei has developed a connected watch as refined as a jewel and equipped with advanced technologies for monitoring health and sports activities: the Watch GT 4. This new model will be available from October 16 from of 249.99 euros. But Huawei now allows you to pre-order it on its online store and is offering you a pair of FreeBuds SE 2 wireless headphones for the occasion.

A connected watch worthy of jewelry

From the first Watch GT series launched in 2018, Huawei has pulled out all the stops on the design side so that its connected watches resemble analog models as much as possible and thus gain in elegance.

The bet is successful, especially on the new Watch GT 4 of 41 and 46 mm, whose design and finishes are reminiscent of luxury jewelry. Nothing has been left to chance on this highly customizable connected watch, which comes in eight different models.

On the bracelet side, Huawei has favored noble materials such as leather and stainless steel. The small 41 mm case even benefits from a Milanese bracelet finish for the most beautiful effect. The most sporty can choose the traditional fluoroelastomer model (similar to silicone), more comfortable for endurance and high intensity activities.

And to further refine the look of the Watch GT 4, Huawei provides more than 25,000 different dials. From the most classic to the most original wallpapers, there is something for everyone.

A chic watch for your health

If the Huawei Watch GT 4 immediately stands out for its sophisticated design, it is especially praised for its advanced health monitoring features. The connected watch continuously monitors your constants and alerts you when you exceed certain thresholds.

Everything is reviewed, from heart rate to blood oxygenation rate (SpO2), breathing and even body temperature. In addition to tracking your constants throughout the day, as well as during your sports training, the Watch GT 4 also analyzes the quality of your sleep.

While most connected watches under 300 euros simply tell you the duration of your sleep cycles, the Watch GT 4 goes much further and analyzes your heart rate as well as your breathing, in order to detect possible irregularities . Thanks to TruSleep 3.0 technology, the connected watch understands your sleeping habits and then provides you with some tips to sleep better and be fitter every day.

Huawei has also thought about menstruating people with its menstrual cycle tracking feature. The system then uses all the physiological data collected to predict the date of the next menstrual period. A practical asset for people with irregular cycles.

The Huawei Watch GT 4 to improve your sports performance, even in paddle!

Huawei is recognized for the quality and precision of the sports tracking of its connected watches. The new Watch GT 4 is no exception and supports more than 100 sports modes.

Some trendy activities like paddle boarding are making their debut alongside more traditional sports like football and basketball. Swimming is also supported, the Huawei Watch GT 4 being waterproof to 5 ATM. More surprisingly, the brand highlights e-sport and dedicates a specific mode to it. A very rare feature on connected watches.

Huawei has also taken care to improve the precision of its location system, to the delight of running enthusiasts. Even in large cities where the signal is saturated, or even obstructed by buildings, the Watch GT 4 detects the position and route taken by its wearer.

To complete this already well-developed technical sheet, Huawei has developed a calorie management application, Stay Fit, responsible for creating the link between health and sport. Taking into account the evolution of the user’s constants as well as their training, Stay Fit calculates calorie intake and expenditure in real time, during activity and at rest. On this basis, the application offers recommendations to better manage your nutrition, while respecting your health.

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Huawei Watch GT 4 therefore stands out as one of the most complete connected watches on the market. And it’s not in terms of autonomy that the problem lies, the 46 mm version can last up to 2 weeks with a full battery, compared to 7 days for the 41 mm model. This is quite rare on such advanced connected watches.

Pre-order offer: a low price and free wireless headphones

The Huawei Watch GT 4 will only be officially available from October 16. The brand already allows you to pre-order it on its online store, for a price starting at 249.99 euros.

As a bonus, for any pre-order, Huawei is offering you its new pair of FreeBuds SE 2 wireless headphones worth 59.99 euros. Waterproof, comfortable and lightweight, each earbud weighing only 3.8 grams, the FreeBuds SE 2 will be able to accompany you during each of your sports sessions.

In addition, there is no risk of the music stopping in the middle of your workout, with the headphones alone boasting a long battery life of 9 hours, which can increase to 40 hours with the supplied charging case.

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