Fiat unveils the new electric 600, but leaves many details in doubt

The electric Fiat 600 is in the starting blocks. The first official images confirm that this small SUV will not lack personality, to support the electric Fiat 500.

The next great novelty at Fiat will take the form of a small electric SUV and will inherit the name 600, which was already used in the 50s and 60s. Like the new electric Fiat 500, with which it will also share an air of filiation strong enough, she will bet on a neat and very latin style to attract the crowds.

A bigger and stockier Fiat 500

Its style precisely, Fiat has just given a good overview for the first time. Rather than opting for a classic presentation, the Italian brand prefers to first show the car in an advertisement. The spot was created on the occasion of an event on brotherhood, which was held at the Vatican on June 10. He offers a complete view of what the electric 600 will be like outside.

The new Fiat 600 shared with the 500 those so special round headlights, which give the car a mischievous look. It also borrows from it the idea of ​​the chrome monogram under the bonnet and the body-colour grille. The similarities between the two models also seem to be numerous at the rear, as the stolen photos from the beginning of May clearly show. Finally, the 600 should look like a big 500 with an extra pair of doorsand slightly higher ground clearance.

The dashboard, which appears quickly at the start of the video, holds no surprises. She has a touchpad on the top of the center console, as well as digital instrumentation. The atmosphere on board seems sober and rather chic.

The electric Fiat 600 will take up the Peugeot e-2008 platform, which is also that of the Jeep Avenger and many other cars from the Stellantis group. It will stretch on about 4 meters longa figure to be compared to the 3.63 meters of a 500.

400 km range?

The technical base from which the 600 will inherit has never been recognized for its exceptional performance in terms of autonomy or fast recharging. Designed to also accommodate thermal engines, it struggles to compete with platforms designed exclusively for electric cars.

The technical sheet of the 600 electric is not known to date, but everything suggests that it will be identical to that of the Jeep Avenger (156 hp engine and 54 kWh battery). If this is confirmed, autonomy will be around 400 km in the WLTP mixed cycle. Admittedly, we are quite far from the 490 km of the new Hyundai Kona of 64 kWh, but that is still more than enough for peri-urban use. But also to cross France as we have seen in our dedicated article, with fast charging stations.

It is also possible that a version with 50 kWh battery and 136 hp motor will also see the light of day, to offer a more affordable entry-level version, with a range of around 350 km.

The range will not be limited to this electric version, since thermal 600s will also be marketed. The full presentation of the model should take place this summer. It is also at this time that Fiat will reveal all the secrets of its adorable Topolino.

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