Fake Komputronik competition?  They are not the organizer

Fake Komputronik competition? They are not the organizer

Fraudsters impersonate the well-known Komputronik store. On their behalf, they organize fake competitions to milk Internet users for money.

Social media is an ideal environment for cybercriminals. Just pay for the ad, and platforms like Facebook will display it to new users. They have recently appeared new accounts impersonating Komputronik. Their goal is to extort money and data from Internet users.

Cybercriminals impersonate Komputronik

According to Cyber ​​Rescue, this time the fraudsters used the Komputronik company. They created a fake fanpage that closely resembles the original. Regular customers of the store may notice the differences, but the untrained eye may not notice them. The fake profile is only a few days old. The name and published photos were taken from the original account, and the date of establishment is significantly different – the original was created in 2010 and has over 200,000 followers and likes.

A fake website publishes information about the competition organized by Komputronik. It’s supposed to be won Marshall speaker for PLN 9, but in reality the contest is fake. After clicking the link, the user is taken to the page with the giveaway. In the introduction you can see a short description explaining why there is such a promotion, and then we move on to the survey. At this stage, the questions serve to make the competition credible, so that the participant feels that he or she is taking part in a real promotional campaign.

After sending the survey, we proceed to the drawing. In this task, we have three chances to get the winning gift. Of course, the site is designed in such a way that everyone wins, and the prize appears on the third discovery.

It is worth noting that fraudsters collect not only personal and payment card data. Below the form there is information written in small print so that it is not easily visible. By making payment, the user agrees to membership, for which a recurring fee of €44 will be charged every 14 days.

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